Trash-free Kingston

This is just a start. Soon, I will have more business and maps, but I wanted to get something up, so here goes!

Go Green Baby
293 Division
Eco friendly Mama and Baby store and cafe.

The Kingston Sustainability Centre – right now you can’t really buy anything here (though this may be changing) but you can get info about green businesses. Remember Green does not necessarily mean garbage Free, but it can.

Tara Foods
They have lots of bulk here and you can bring your own bag(beans, dried fruit, chocolate chips, snacks, noodles, nuts, seeds etc.) or container (honey nut butters, maple syrup). Some things, like Flour, are pre-packaged but there is a big selection that is not. You can also get Soap Works soap that has no package at all.

The Golden Rooster
-A bakery on princess that is a little piece of Kingston History and bread is set out on racks without being bagged first so you can bring your own bag if you choose.

This is another great bakery downtown where you can bring your own container for deli products and they have bread and buns in bulk, Although we got buns there as a “treat” and couldn’t bite through them. The bread and cheese is great!

Bulk Barn (if you are sneaky)
Bulk Barn’s official policy is that you have to use their plastic bags. Most cashiers don’t really care and will ring you through with your stuff in your own bags, but some take it to heart and will scold you. In this case, I always just play dumb. I am planning to write to Bulk Barn and perhaps even get a petition going because that rule has to go.
Get Funky Boutique
local cosmetics (some in mason jars)
Fluvog footwear ( I have this on here because although they come in a box, they ae high quality, have a guarantee and you can get replacement parts so they should last a life time. As a bonus they are made by grown-ups who are paid a fair wage)


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