I’m slowly trying to update this page. Here’s some trash-free baby photos (she’s now 27th months old, so these are long overdue).

our garden on conway ave.

our holiday tree made from plastic strawberry containers

big diaper (home-made by a friend), little bebe.
Aurora-about 2hours old on her way home

No disposable diapers ever touched this bum!

Here are some new photos Kyle took of me composting, and in the kitchen. I think they will be used in the winter edition of modern babies and children.sarah taking out compost



Above: I’m in the kitchen showing off the Harmony Organic Milk in Glass bottles. We still use and reuse some of the smaller plastic bags for bulk items or wrapping around containers with liquid bulk items to prevent leaks. You can see one hanging to dry behind me.

Below: These are photos that photo blogger Sam Javanrouh took for Urbanite Magazine. You can view his other work at www.dailydoseofimagery.comnogarbagesarah.jpgnogarbagesarah3.jpgnogarbagesarah2.jpgMy birthday card to Kyle

This is the card I made for Kyle for his birthday. The base is a label for flowers-Kyle collects them from work. Then I used old magazines, text books and a piece of a plastic window from an envelope. Above is the front of the card, below is the inside and the back.

inside the card I made for Kyle.

Here is the card Kyle made for me for our anniversary, using the same sorts of materials. The first picture is the front and the second is the inside. I’m not sure why there is a big white thing- I will post a better picture soon. The last is the front and back together.

Tha anniversary card Kyle made for me

Kyle’s card for me

Kyle’s card to me

Below is a picture of me with a variety of cards that I made, during a card making workshop that I lead at a local ESL school (Toronto Conversation Corner). It’s a bit ironic that I misspelled “existing” while teaching ESL! Fortunately, no one noticed.:)sarah-and-cards.JPG

Here is a “painting” I did from the incidental trash we made from 2002-2004 while trying not to make any. My idea was to do all the vital organs, but I never made it past the lungs because I thought they were so ugly and that it looked like a grade 4 Science project. Any how, you can see for yourself. All the canvasses we use are rescued from the garbage or collected from people who wanted to throw them in the garbage (unwanted paintings we paint over for better or for worse).

Sarah’s “Lungs” garbage painting

Here is a slipper that I darned. I used black yarn so you can see it really well. Usually I try to use the same colour as the original item of clothing so the darning job blends in, but since it was on the bottom of my slipper, I didn’t care.darned slipper

darned sweater

Above is the newly darned sleeve of my grandad’s sweater. He died when I was 6 and my Dad got this sweater. I’m not sure who got it next, but eventually when I was about 15, I took it and have been wearing it ever since. It is a lovely blue zippered cardigan with a grey stripe and a little fox on it. It had been falling apart fro some time and I finally fixed it!

The pic below is a lovely pair of reinvented pants I made for Kyle. Basically he cut a pair of pants into shorts and then discovered he couldn’t wear shorts to work (at a previous job), so I sewed cuffs from another altered pair onto the bottom to make a “new” pair of pants. Stylish. Kyle looks hot in them, unless he hikes them up to his chest, which he sometimes does to tease me.

altered pants

The night before our month of no trash (January 16th), we had all our favorite things that we wouldn’t be able to any more. Here’s Kyle with his last bag of chips.

kyle’s last bag of chips before the month of no trash

Our last floss.

Last recycling to go out before the start of the hard core month and recycling limit.
last recycling

Kyle with his last bottles of beer (the caps are not even recyclable- at least not with city pick-up)last-night-of-trash-009.jpg

Here’s the last bag of garbage….


…on it’s way to the curb




After we took the garbage out, we noticed the trash bin trying to tell us something….


I’m trying to get all the photos onto this page-it’s a slow process. If you need more, for now, look through the body of the blog. They are posted through out!


15 responses to “Photos

  1. amira

    nice cards. you’re so good at that. & your love notes are public now, yeehaw!

  2. Dear Sarah and Kyle;
    You are Great examples of caring for our mother earth! Provoking thoughts about how we are not good at looking after our personal share of our environment. And it is hopeful that there are others thinking and working towards being better stewards of our great land.

  3. Soda Pop

    It’s GREAT that you take the time out of your life to really care about the surrounding land, earth and world! You have inspired me to turn off the lights more and use tissues a LOT less!!!

  4. Thanks Mom, and soda pop too!

  5. Darya

    I just wanted to say that I have sincerely enjoyed your presentation today at the Etobicoke School of the Arts. It really got me thinking about the insane amount of garbage that we make. I also really like your cards, especially because I myself am in love with scrapbooking and collaging.

  6. Thanks Darya! I was pretty nervous yesterday because there were so many of you!!!! It was fun though. I really liked watching the rest of the program and checking out the student presentations in the hallway too.

  7. sundaybrunch

    Oh, I love the one of pregnant Sarah in her tomato dress looking disdainfully at the bag of garbage!

  8. I love the idea of making art from trash! (I think that the cards are particularly cool.) I thought that you might be interested in checking out, where you’ll find great films, photos and a blog featuring freeganism, the movement to reduce the amount of garbage we produce and the making of art and other objects from trash.
    By the way, congrats on the great blog and continued success with “saying no to trash!”

  9. Janice King

    I have a little talked about way of saving water that you can add to your arsenal of green living. Last winter while my parents were travelling in Australia, there was such a water shortage that all the hotels had buckets in each bathroom with a note saying…..” while you are waiting for the water in your shower to get to the right temperature please put the bucket under the water tap to catch the extra water. We will use it to water the plants around the hotel. And when you have a bath please leave the water in the tub and we will come and get it when we clean your room.”
    So I have started doing this at home and have found that the water I collect prior to turning on my shower, while I’m waiting for the temp to be “right” is about 6-8 L ! Enough to water my front flower beds. And if I don’t use anything in my bath like bubbles or shampoo then I have enough water to water my entire yard…all flower beds and shrubs.

    Another thing we do regularly is to use the water that is left in the pot when you steam your veggies. It’s all nice and green and full of vitamins and minerals and my plants love it. I try not to water the inside plants with it too much cause they tend to get a moldy smell but the outside plants have never seen a chemical feed.

    So hope these are new to you and you can help others to incorporate them into their lives as well.


  10. Thanks Janice. We do this already. It’s in the What I do in the bathroom post! Great minds think alike.:)

  11. Janice
    Actually I guess what we do is a bit different because we put the plug in when we have a shower and reuse all the water, instead of just the beginning water. The veggies bit is good too. Usually we just add it to soup stock, but I never thought that it would also be good for the plants. Thanks 🙂

  12. such dirty silly yoo pictures

  13. Sarah-Marie O'Toole

    Sarah – you are my heroine! I feel very fortunate to have met you and to read your blog and say, “hey! i know that chick, yeah, she’s awesome and she’s working harder than anyone else i know to save the earth!” Sincerely. Your energy and enthusiasm come shining through your writing. The new blog site is great and you’re getting fantastic publicity. I love the photos!
    Lots of love and high 5’s,

  14. Sarah-Marie O'Toole

    Oh, one more idea. My folks have been using Calcium flakes for their icy walkways rather than salt. It produces a much safer runoff for our rivers than salt water.

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