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Registries are fun fun fun!

Yesterday I went to Grassroots and registered for our baby shower. It is so much fun picking out your own gifts! It’s like looking at the Sears Wish Catalogue when I was young. I spent at least an hour there, and in hind site, probably just should have pointed out the items I didn’t want (as there were only 4 or 5).

Grassroots does registries for both wedding and baby showers. I was talking with the cashier there about also having birthday registries, but I’m not sure if that would fly. Showers and Weddings are something that definitely require gifts, but birthdays….not necessarily. May be it would seem demanding or pretentious to have a birthday registry?

We also received our second hand stroller yesterday.Thanks to Sean for driving it up from Midland! It definitely makes the impending birth seem more real with a stroller in our living room!



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Styrofoam, and the Kindness of Strangers

Yesterday was very eventful for me. I rode my bike to my ultrasound appointment, and almost made it before I got an extremely intense pain in my kidney and collapsed on the lawn of a church ( directly across from the ultrasound lab, and fortunately, the hospital). A kind stranger stopped to see if I was Ok, and then ran across to the hospital to get help. By the time he returned, with a wheel chair, the pain had subsided, so I walked with him to the hospital, convinced the people at the desk that I didn’t need to stay, and went on to my appointment. The pain came back while the ultrasound was bring done. The radiologist was very scared because I started sobbing. She ran out and got a more experienced radiologist, and also a Styrofoam cup full of water and a big hand full of Kleenex! So much for no garbage. I didn’t say any thing because I was in too much pain and I knew she was just trying to help. Oh why does styrofoam still exist? It is the bain of my existence. Back to the adventure, the older woman did a bit more imaging and then let me go to the bathroom. The pain didn’t return again. My kidneys just don’t like it when I have to pee that badly, I guess. I never even got the stranger’s name. I wonder what he was doing, that he dropped to help me. About 5 people passed before he stopped to help, and I was so grateful that he did. So, Thank you stranger, and thanks to all of you who take time out of their busy schedule to help their fellow creatures.


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