Green Eggs for Easter!

I love celebrations. I like parties, eating, dressing up and rituals so I celebrate what ever I can. When I was working in Museums, I researched the history of Easter. It seems that it was a holiday made to cover up the Pagan holiday (ritual) of Eostre, which was a fertility celebration. It included a big ummmmmmm “swinging party”, lets say. Eggs and rabbits were symbols of fertility. Hmmm so whether you are celebrating abstinence, or ahem…the opposite, or you just like to eat chocolate, here are some tips of how to do it garbage free!
1. Collect your onion skins, wilted spinach and other colourful natural items to make egg dyes for Easter, and make your own beautifully dyed hard boiled eggs to hide and them eat. OR you can blow the yolks out and have a fragile decoration to keep forever (or until it gets broken)
OR if you are in Toronto, you can go to Colborne Lodge’s Egg Fun Day and have all the preparation done for you.
2. Don’t buy wrapped Candies and eggs. Chocolate chips can be bought in bulk and they make the perfect bunny droppings (mmm yummy) Also our bunny brought chocolate and yogurt covered almonds and regular raisins, either hid as is, or in a reusable plastic egg.
3. Make handwoven Easter baskets from old magazines OR fancied up strawberry baskets.


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  1. Hiya, I hopped over from Jen’s ‘clean bin’ project to see what you are up to. Loving this Ostara celebrations (we celebrate ostara not easter 😉 ) I think hand dyed eggs look beautiful and over here we can buy easter eggs wrapped just in foil, so there’s still plenty of chocolatey goodness to be had!

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