It’s getting to be my favorite time of year in Ontario- harvest season. The easiest time to eat a lot of delicious food with no packaging!
Mom and Dad, if you are reading brace yourself….. yesterday at the market I bought some really yummy Brussle sprouts! I’m not kidding. Last year I discovered I really liked them fried in butter and garlic with lemon juice, and today I had them with olive oil and garlic and lemon juice. They were very yummy (though the butter was definitely the winner).
Tonight/s supper was
Oven roasted acorn squash, mashed and mixed with butter, salt and pepper for Kyle and mashed and mixed with butter and maple syrup for the girl and I.
Brussle Sprouts, as mentioned above
Mashed Potatoes (cloud fluff)
Lentil Loaf
AND my new favorite which does have packaging but it can all be recycled or composted (don’t worry we don’t get them often…just as a special treat because to me they taste like a little bit of heaven)…..
Tofutti Key Lime cuties (non dairy ice cream sandwiches)
I will try to post soon about garbage free kids birthday parties as we are currently making invitations for one.


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  1. Mom

    Nice to see another post. Looking forward to tasting some in October.

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