Chitter Chatter Let’s get at’er

OK I have a few minutes to update you on what I’ve been doing, and I have no idea where to start!
As you know from the last post, I just gave a talk at St.Lawrence College. It went fairly well but there was a lot I wished I had said so perhaps I’ll start there. I wish I had talked about:
Plastic bags– how they reproduce like bunnies
-how we try really hard to get rid of them by bringing are own cotton produce bags but still have none
-we know it’s unhealthy but we do wash and reuse them until they are gross or broken and then recycle them, though I’m not positive if they actually get recycled once they are all cloudy and yellowed.
Household Cleaners
I have a big post on this somewhere in the past but it has changed somewhat since moving to Kingston. We have a hard time finding Borax we like here so we clean with Vinegar and Baking Soda almost solely. We also use Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach for somethings. We can no longer get theses products in bulk (except if we go to Toronto), so we get the largest containers possible and then reuse or recycle them.
I can’t actually remember what else I wish I had said, but no I remember some things I want to say to you.
Our garden isn’t doing very well, but we are buying local organic, package free produce at the Kingston Farmers Market (the oldest active Market in Canada).
We had a little break from worrying about garbage at all, and got a lot of prepackaged goods. I am now making our own granola bars to try and get out of that cycle.The recipes I have tried are from best ever cookie collection.
One of the reasons I haven’t posted in forever is that I have been busy sewing and making home made body products for my business Hip Hip Horrah. There are interesting challenges with packaging now that I am making things to sell. Mason jars are awesome because they only come in a cardboard box, whihc I can reuse to transport my product. I need smaller sizes than they offer though, so I order smaller glass containers from New Directions Aromatics. Every lid has a Styrofoam part inside that needs to stay there fro the container to shut properly. Plus they all come in plastic and bubble wrap. The bubble wrap we reuse for paintings, packing or play, but the plastic is trash. I put a deposit into my prices which I return if the container comes back to me, but only a few people seem to use that system. If anyone has suggestions on how I can eliminate waste and still sell my product, my ears are open.
We now have an air conditioner, which we were quite torn about but it means we can now function and eat. We cook again, so we buy less packaged goods. We are saving water by not taking constant baths and showers to cool down, and we use it as little as possible.
And as a closing note, yesterday I asked my 2 year old to please open the door and move a bit so I could get out of the room, and she said ” No I can’t because it’s a waste of water.” LOL so apparently we are raising her to tread lightly on the earth, even if she is a bit mixed up about it right now.



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2 responses to “Chitter Chatter Let’s get at’er

  1. Mom

    I can hardly wait to try your homemade granola bars.

    • Are you coming to visit soon??? I was dreaming of us going there for Christmas, but if we had the money for the tickets we would need to give it to the friend we still owe. Bah debtbug.

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