Money Money Money

When I started my first blog, it was a place to vent because Kyle was tired of hearing all my Eco-rants, but when I started this one I wanted it to be POSITIVE. I wanted it to be my story but also an example of how things can work-how environmentalism can be happy. I think the reason I have been having trouble posting lately is because I want to be ranting! Rather than not post at all, I will veer a bit from my goal of only saying positive things, because in this case the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” is keeping me silent.
When I was doing a lot of speaking about the ZERO garbage project, some people asked about the cost, and said it was a middle class project. I replied that we didn’t have much money, and anyone could do it but now I’m seeing otherwise. Although we felt “poor” at the time we were the exact bottom of middle class by Canadian standards. Because of this (being a middle income family) we weren’t eligible for funding or even very much loan money when we moved to Kingston for Kyle to go to school. This year we are definitely in the lower income bracket. It has been really hard to make the “greenest”choices because often they are the most expensive.
For example: we used to get a box of organic produce delivered weekly in the winter (when it was harder to get to farmers markets) but we had to cancel it near the end of winter due to lack of funds.
I used to choose package free goods at all costs, but I just can’t anymore. When I’m standing at the grocery store looking at a singe avocado for $1 or a bag of 5 for $2, I now choose the second. It is so frustrating how often consumers are awarded for going with the more packaged item.
We have always gotten toilet paper wrapped in paper only, from Grassroots. We can order it from here but only in cases. We can’t spare that kind of money all at once, not to mention the shipping cost. So today I got my first package of toilet paper from the grocery store, wrapped in plastic. Oh sad day . Perhaps it is time to try going without?


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  1. Sarah

    Cheer up! I know exactly how you feel. Dispute my job and being naturally thrifty being green can be expensive! It is really hard to go grocery shopping and look at the options available and realise that it is going to cost double to buy what I should and not what is cheaper. Just keep at it, everything has a way of working out!

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