Goodbye old friend

After 15 years of use, my reusable razor has died. Since I do occasionally shave my legs (quite frequently in the summer) and even more occasionally shave my armpits, I need a new one.
The obvious choice for me, as I am way too clumsy to try out a straight razor, is PRESERVE. They make personal products and kitchen ware out of yogurt containers and accept all their products back for recycling. Some of the products now come in postage paid mail in packages to send back when you are done with them.
We already use and love their toothbrushes. In fact, I just printed out a postage paid mail in form to mail in our growing pile of used toothbrushes to be recycled. I’ll keep you posted once I receive my razor.



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4 responses to “Goodbye old friend

  1. Are you confusing a straight razor (i.e. a cutthroat) with a double-edge razor? The second takes no special dexterity, provides a great shave and can be plastic-free.

    • No, I meant a straight razor. Lots of people are going back to them, as a more environmentally friendly option. But thanks for sharing that info. I didn’t know about that kind of razor.

  2. I love the idea of their toothbrushes. I was just on their site to order some for Sean, me and the girls and the shipping cost is insane-$52. Is that right? Why is it so much? Any ideas?

    • Eeek I haven’t put my order in yet. It may be so. A lot of these companies have a carbon offset price. I’d better look into it. I may be growing out my leg hair after all;) BUT since you are in Toronto you have more options than me. They have the toothbrushes and I think the razors at the Big Carrot (perhaps I’ll get you to buy me one and mail it……) as well as Ever Green on St.Clair and Whole Foods too.

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