Hoppity Hoppity Hop

We decided to celebrate Easter this year because I love celebrations and I loved Easter as a kid. The problem is I care about over packaging and what is going in our bodies so the mainstream Easter goodies are not cutting it. Green and Blacks has organic fair trade Easter chocolate but we can’t get it here in Kingston (plus it’s still packaged).
I didn’t do any Easter egg dying, because I ran out of time. Next year, I think we’ll do it up Colborne Lodge style with white crayon under natural dyes and vinegar.
I purchased some chocolate covered almonds from the health food store, as well as yogurt covered raisins, regular raisins and chocolate chips (bunny dropping). We hid the above mentioned goodies around the apartment-at first I thought just loose but then I remembered our cat…so I bought little plastic eggs to put them in. This is not ideal because: they came in a package and I want to get away from plastic, but I figured at least we reuse them year after year until we find a better solution. Our daughter loves eggs in general so I probably would have been fine hiding hard boiled eggs, but I love chocolate so I couldn’t resist.
We made an Easter basket from pieces of a painting that Aurora did and cardboard, and on Sunday morning we hunted for eggs and put them in the basket. We also made a bunny picture with coloured paper and cotton batting. I’ll try to post a photo.


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  1. Sharon

    Hoppy Easter with eggs on.

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