soft as a baby’s…hair!

I just wanted to do a quick post about shampoo. Some of you may remember I tried to go without shampoo and couldn’t get through the “adjustment period” which is about 4-6 weeks of your scalp saying “hey what’s happening here?” and creating oily smelly hair until it figures stuff out and all is beautiful. Good things come to those who wait and I couldn’t wait.
When I had Aurora, I heard that babies don’t need their hair washed until they are at least three. I washed her hair anyhow, and she hated it. We tried everything: visors, pictures on the ceiling of the tub, videos of friends and family washing their hair, but she never got used to it. She also suffers from cradle cap, and to treat it we put olive oil on her head. Now that she has lots of hair, that is quite the ordeal. We would put olive oil on and then have to wash it out, which she hated and it usually took a few tries. A little more than a month ago we went through this and just couldn’t get the oil out. She was freaking out in the tub and we had to get her out and she wouldn’t let us try again, so we put powder in her hair to soak up the oil and it looked worse than when we started the whole process. I felt like the old lady who swallowed the fly. I talked to other parents about it, and discovered most people I know don’t wash their kids hair much at all-maybe a few times a year, but they do rinse with water. So I tried it. Aurora’s hair still looked soft and shiny and clean after 3.5 weeks, and her cradle cap seemed to cure itself. In that time we probably rinsed it will water twice. Then we went to a party and she got icing in her hair, so we washed it again, but I’m not going to for at least a month now if possible.
This post also has a morale of  “listen to your children”. Last time I washed her hair I got impatient and dumped water over her head to get the shampoo out. The reason she hates getting her hair washed is because she dislikes water in her eyes and ears. She screamed “Owweee Oweee Owee” and I said ” Oweee? Does it hurt?” to which she wailed “yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah”. We are going to go to the doctor to check out her ears. I am ashamed that it took me over two years to catch on.
Oh but this blog is about positive things we can do to make changes so let’s end on a positive note. Laaaaa:)



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10 responses to “soft as a baby’s…hair!

  1. I’ve just been thinking about trying to make my own shampoo. I only shower twice a week, but it feels so good to lather and rinse. I’m afraid I’m too addicted to give it up – yet.

  2. natalia

    wow! thanks for this post. washing my babes hair is a challenge but i found that lying her on my shins in the tub and leaning her back to rinse took a while to get used to but now she’s okay with it.
    i got a bottle of california calming baby shampoo and body wash (which is app the most hypoallergenic/natural stuff out there) at the baby shower and 17months later, we are still using the same bottle -494ml (almost done). i use it very sparingly.
    thank you for letting me know that i dont
    HAVE to wash her hair!!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it!

  4. Even baby shampoo hurts if you get it in your eyes. I pour water over their heads w/their eyes pointed at the ceiling. Also – we love love love Burts Bees baby shampoo, FYI.

  5. Liz

    Usually I just skim through these blogs and only read ones that -jump- out at me so I can get new ideas to try out and yours did just that. Thanks for this one – it is actually a real good read! Do you have a subcribe area so I can link to it to read more of your posts later? Let me know – thanks.


    • Thanks Liz. There is a little orange button near the top of the page on the right hand side. There’s a heading “search it” then under it is “feed it” you can click that to subscribe.

  6. Kinda

    Hi Sarah,
    I just discovered your blog tonight and have been happily looking at it for a few minutes… it looks like I have a lot more reading fun ahead of me! My little monkey, who is just over a year, gets a bath every second night as part of our bedtime routine. Before she was born I bought 2 bottles of natural shampoo/body wash. We are nowhere near being through the first one! After reading this I may try not washing her hair at all. The only body part I soap regulary is her hands if she has had something stinky to eat (like fish) that hasn’t washed off all the way with wiping.

    By the way, have you read The Geography of Hope? Apparently the author argues that by the time cloth diapers are manufactured and washed throughout their lifespan, they don’t use any fewer resources over all than disposables. Any thoughts…?

    Nice to see some photos of you and your baby!

    • Thanks for your comments. It’s nice to know someone is reading and enjoying too:) I have not read all of the Geography of Hope but have read the parts you speak of and I think it is Poo (LOL). What is being compared is what it takes to manufacture, wash, bleach and dry cloth diapers to throwing out disposables. Here are my rebuttals(oh so many puns). 1. Disposables need to be manufactured too-where’s the stats on that energy? 2. Cloth diapers don’t need to be bleached or dried in the dryer. The sunshine works like bleach and if you are really concerned about bacteria you can use vinegar. 3. Most disposables have all sorts of nasty chemicals that not only hurt the earth, but also your babies bum-and cause things like diaper rash, yeast infections and even infertility in boys from overheated testicles. Then we use more resources and more natsy chemicals to try and cure these ailments. Ooo I should post this on the site. You asked a really good question! Thanks, Sarah

  7. Dora

    Just wanted to chime in that I didn’t wash my boys hair for about 3 years!!! He wasn’t having any part of it. We have just recently resumed washing it once a week.

    We did wet it and he loves to bathe just, please no poo mama!

  8. soft hair

    The Shielo Volume Bounce Creme is something my friend with fab hair recommentde – and I am totally impressed! It says to apply to damp towel dried hair or whenever you need to throughout the day and I do just that….it never leaves my hair feeling greasy just SOFT, SOFT, SOFT, which I love 🙂

    It is perfect to use right before a blow dry or even when you use a hair straightener. It helps tame those unruly flyaways and brings moisture to your dry ends. It has Milk Proteins in it, leaving your hair soft, shiny and totally put together ( I kind of stole that last line from the back of the product, but it is OH SO TRUE!) This product makes me happy ot have soft, shiny hair again.

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