Garden Woes

Once we found out there was no way we could use the land beside the apartment to garden in, I started searching for a community garden and found FRILL right by our home. A few days after I joined, they lost their land. Undaunted I expressed interest in helping to find find new land and being involved with the new garden. Unfortunately I can’t always do what I think I can because I have a toddler. I’ve already missed a planning meeting and a moving party (moving all the garden tings off the previous land and into storage) because Aurora didn’t want to go. So I’m asking for your help.
1. If you live in Kingston and have time and interested, please contact FRILL about being on the planning committee.
2. If you have or know of land in downtown Kingston that a community garden could go on, contact FRILL or myself
3. If you have a yard at all, plant a garden to feed yourself or your friends.
4. If you own an apartment building, and the tenants want to have a community garden and compost in the side yard, let them. If they haven’t expressed interest, encourage them too or start one yourself, please.
I will try to add a list of community gardens to both Trashless Toronto and Trashless Kingston (trying to come up with a better name) ASAP>


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  1. Kate

    I`ve just started browsing seed catalogues, which I find such a meditative and optimistic winter pastime. Our yard has been under construction (Matt`s building a humongous shed back there) for about three summer, and I think… I hope… 2010 is the year I can get a garden back in there.

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