Wade in the water….

I have to be blunt here. Kingston water is not as good as Toronto water. You can very clearly smell the chlorine, and there is another smell as well. The first week we were here I cleaned the toilet 4 or 5 times a day thinking that was the problem, but it’s just the water. Aurora and I got used to drinking it (not from the toilet, of course), but Kyle didn’t and he was starting to have headaches and such from not drinking water. We won’t buy bottled water, so I caved in and agreed to buy a Britta. We didn’t have one before because I worried about the disposable filters and the packaging they come in. Unfortunately, even after going through the Britta, the water tastes bad. I’m not quite sure what to do now.
The other water issue is simply that there is too much in our apartment. We noticed it was taking laundry forever to dry when we hung it, and we started putting fans on it. Then we discovered….THE MOLD.We gave it the Hydrogen peroxide and borax treatment, but it keeps coming back. ICK!!!! So, for the first time in years we are using the dryer again. I’m not happy about it at all, but we have no outside place to hang laundry and this apartment is simply too damp to hang things in here. Sigh
The landlord did fix the drip in our bathtub, and to do so he had to change the whole faucet so we got a more efficient shower head. It’s amazing! We still have nice pressure but we use about 25% of the water we used to . I know this because I stand in a large container while having my shower so the water is collected to later flush the toilet with. Even though I am a very fast shower-er (5 minutes tops), I usued to fill the container. Now it is only about 1/4 filled, if that. Pretty cool!
I am really looking forward to the day that we can have our own home with a backyard and a composter and clothes line. Sigh. While I am dreaming, we will also have a grey water recycling system. I think Kyle is even going to learn how to do that in school. Wooo hooo!



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7 responses to “Wade in the water….

  1. Kate

    Hey, thanks for your comment; I am loving your blog and way to go on your long garbage-free stretches – awesome! Our week was fantastic, and I am still ruminating on some thoughts about what we got out of it… but even eight short days left me (the primary shopper/chef/kid-wrangler) changed for the better.

    Would love to try to get together sometime to trade stories – are you guys downtown?

    Nice to meet you on the internet!

  2. I highly recommend getting a Berkey water filter — it should help where the Britta can’t. Bloody expensive, though. We’re saving up for one ourselves.

  3. Violet DaGrinder

    Non-sugary ways to flavor water if you can’t filter out the yuck:

    a little citrus juice (I like lime)
    cucumber slices and/or mint leaves
    lemon or mint stevia drops (the mint plus a squeeze of lemon juice is really good)

  4. Mom

    Mannville water is somewhat soda-y. After over eating most of the weekend I had a small glass and it settles my stomach. However it makes really weird tea and coffee.


  5. For your mold problem I highly recommend Zeolite (sp?) You can buy it in Toronto at Grassroots. You put a small amount in some cheesecloth, and then it absorbs the mold odors. The crystals can then be reused after you put them out in the sun to dry they are good to absorb more odors.

    Somewhat friendlier than individually bottled water is buying the 18L of natural spring water from the grocery store that come in reusable bottles with a deposit. (of course there is a small plastic cap that gets put on each time fresh so there is a wee bit of garbage)

  6. Laura

    A question – what type of container could I use in my shower to collect water? I had never thought of this until I read your post — what a good idea! Thanks.

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