Maggots or Landfill?

We have still not found a place to properly compost in Kingston. So far, when anyone comes for dinner, we send them home with all of our compost from the freezer to put in their composter. Also the building next door has green bins and does not seem to use them often so we have put 3 bags there.
We noticed no one was taking the green bins out so we pulled them so the curb. Then we noticed the garbage collection people did not take the bins, so we asked why, and were told there should be a tag explaining why.
The tag said biodegradable bags are unacceptable and it wouldn’t be taken until we took the items out of the bag and put it in a special paper bag available at local retailers. Ugg. I was ready to go out and do so, but Kyle is worried because it is not all our compost so we have no idea what is inside and it could be a health hazard. So now we either have to put all the bags in a garbage bag and send it to landfill (which I really don’t think I can do) OR cut open the bags and put them in the special paper bags (which I am also unsure if I can do now that Kyle pointed out the health hazards). Part of me is afraid of finding body parts or dead animal or poo, but mostly I am afraid of maggots. I really really don’t like maggots.
When I was teaching in Korea, I was carving pumpkings with my class for Halloween and one of them was filled with maggots. I was trying to calm the shrieking, knife wielding children down and reassure them, but every time I got close to said pumpkin, I involuntarily shuddered and the shrieking and jumping resumed.
I suppose in this situation, at least there would be no knives (hopefully) and no children involved…..


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