Good Bye Toronto!

The reason I haven’t posted and will not post for awhile is that we are in the midst of a move to Kingston. I will add a Trashless Kingston Page once we get settled.

I will also likely have more to talk about, as I will have to find new places to shop, ways to compost etc.

I will miss Toronto and it’s diversity but I’m looking forward to being in a smaller city, and Kingston is lovely.

Here’s a quick list of what we are doing to try and reduce waste in the move. None of these things are really new to us but I thought I would share in case they are new to someone:

-selling and/ giving away unwanted items (SwapSity, Craig’s List, Freecycle and Facebook) rather than leaving them on the curb (except our 15 year old futon mattress- it is DONE- anyone know a place who recycles or reclaims futon mattresses?)

-using boxes that don’t need as much, if any, packing tape (book boxes from Chapters/Indigo, and Xerox boxes) and reusable Rubbermaids.

-wrapping fragile items in blanket, clothes and towels rather than bubble wrap or newspaper

-cleaning with lemon, baking soda, borax and water-all without packaging.


Thanks to everyone who has helped us with this move and along the way! I’ll miss you Torontonians!

xox, Sarah

PS Feel Free to share your green moving tip swith me as well!


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  1. Anna Scott

    Good luck with the move! I’m sure Kingston will be great. xoxo Anna

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