Look at the bright side

I hope I don’t get lynched for this post, but I want to talk about the positive effects of the city strike-the garbage strike in particular. The strike does affect me adversely as well (I work for the city and need the money I’m not getting right now).The idea of this blog in general is to stay positive and think about what I can change in my own life and this post is no exception.
So here is my list of good things about this bad situation.
1. I don’t have to worry about nap being interrupted once a week by the cacophony that is garbage day.
2. There are no big recycling bins and garbage bins all over the sidewalk in the way of the stroller.
3. It makes us all take a real look about the garbage we are creating-my family included. It was a good wake up call. We have not yet had to take the garbage out and before the strike we were back to a small grocery bag every 2-3 weeks and the same amount in recycling almost daily.
4.It’s summer so it’s farmer’s market season! This means it’s much easier to buy your groceries without any packaging. Tomorrow at 3-7pm is Dufferin Grove Market. You can bring your own container for Olive oil and chocolate. You can bring your own plate and get a delicious supper. You can bring all your own bags and return berry containers and egg cartons to vendors.
Now here’s a list of ways to reduce:
1. Buy less. This is not going to go on forever and it is a good time to just halt the new purchases therefore receiving less packaging
2. Compost-either set up a backyard compost or Verma composter (you can buy worms at Grassroots)or ask to use a friend’s.
3. Carry cloth grocery bags with you for shopping and small ones for produce (veggies keep better in cotton spritzed with water than plastic anyhow)
4. Carry a reuseable coffee mug if you are a coffee or tea drinker
5. If you can’t make and pack your own lunch, carry a plate and cutlery
6.Use second hand stores or internet venues like Craig’s List or SwapSity to get rid of old items and obtain new ones.
7. Try to plan ahead. We found that most packaging and waste comes from convenience items.

If you want to see me say these things in person, with a cute toddler in the background, tune into CBC TV tomorrow at 6pm. I think I will be on the news.


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