I’m back!(and the Ants go marching)

It’s been way too long and I”m sorry for that.
I have quite a bit to say so stay tuned in the next week or so as there should be frequent posts.
I was just on CBC radio 1, with Matt Galloway, because of the garbage strike in Toronto. The city strike has affected me because I work for the city but the fact that the garbage workers are on strike hasn’t affected us too badly yet, as we still make very little. Our recycling content had gone way up though so now is a great time to get that in check again!
Lynn, From Green Me Up Scotty has created a google map for Trashless Toronto, so check back tomorrow or the next day and there should be a user friendly guide to buying garbage free stuff in the city. Yaaay.
One of the topics I’ve been meaning to post about for a while is ants. WE had an infestation last month. Aurora would drop an O on the floor and suddenly there would be a 2 inch square pile up of squirming blackness. Woah! We went to the trusty old internet and discovered that ants don’t like the following things: cucumber, pepper, vinegar, and cinnamon. I said “no way” to the cucumber because we have had issues with fruit flies, so we sprayed vinegar and sprinkled pepper around all the ant entrances, and now we only see a lone ant now and then. I’m very impressed with ants but I just don’t want to share my space with them-it’s too small. I feel great joy when I see a cookie walk across the floor and realize it is a tiny little ant carrying it home. That’s power!


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