Happy for no reason- just in happy

The title is a quote from some “English” stationary I got in Korea. I do have a reason for being in happy though- free chocolate and peaches!
I get Mama Earth Organic delivery and have been really happy with them. They try really hard to avoid packaging and the service (and food) is great. I always tip the driver and if I can’t, I leave baking in the box for her. I also use reused envelopes or Aurora’s drawings to put the money in and sometimes I include little notes or pamphlets about projects I’m working on.
This week, along with our delivery was a complimentary (compostable) bag of peaches and apricots and an amazing organic chocolate bar. They left a little note saying thanks for being a good customer and for doing this blog and for the goodies and tips. Awwww. I actually cried. Aurora immediately grabbed and ate one of the peaches.I loooove chocolate-in fact most of you probably know I am totally addicted to it. It was such a nice touch. I also love peaches and wish they were in season for longer.
PS If you are in the Toronto area and decide to sign up with Mama Earth, drop my name and I will get a discount.


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One response to “Happy for no reason- just in happy

  1. Mom

    I am in happy about your coming visit.

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