What is the one item you can’t live without?

Have you ever noticed that most interviews of famous women (especially if they are sex symbols) include this question? Sometimes they say “What is the one thing you can’t like without” and I always think “air”, but the answers are things like “My #12 red Mac lipstick” or “My Prada stilettos”.
If I was asked that question (not that I am claiming to be a sex symbol;), I would have to answer baking soda!
We use it in baking, wash the house with it*, brush our teeth with it, put it under our arms, and now I’m washing my face with it. I tried it on my hair but that experiment failed.
I do, however, highly recommend it as a facial cleanser. I was having a hard time with finding or making a good cleanser that didn’t leave my skin dry and pimply at the same time. Yes I am a thirty something with pimples-what of it? Finally I broke down and started washing with Dr.Bronners mild baby soap, which I can buy in bulk at Grass Roots, Big Carrot or Eco-Existence. It works great! Just wet your face and rub the baking soda on until it looks like a mask. Then rinse it off,with hot water, then cold. If I need to moisturize I use a little coconut oil, and if I want to exfoliate I use baking soda. It kind of tingles and leaves my face feeling clean and soft.
* Since we have had a child we use baking soda way more than borax because borax is a little caustic. We use baking soda and vinegar for the toilet, sinks, bathtub, walls, and diaper pail. We also use baking soda on pots and pans that have had food burnt onto them. Just dump a bunch in with a bit of water and let it sit overnight before scrubbing ( a scrunched up and knotted onion bag makes a great scrubber).



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6 responses to “What is the one item you can’t live without?

  1. “A scrunched up and knotted onion bag makes a great scrubber.” Brilliant!! Why didn’t I ever think of that?

  2. Baking soda and vinegar – what else do you need to clean? Except for wood; then we mix olive oil and lemon juice. When I was washing diapers, I also added some hydrogen peroxide to the wash to get out stains. Then I’d rinse one extra time.

    The one thing I couldn’t live without, though, is moisturizer. I use Lubriderm because it’s the only one that keeps me relatively itch-free for a whole day at a time! But it’s full of toxins. Any better suggestions?

    • Well I make my own moisturizer. I can pass on the recipe or I can sell you some if you would like. Just let me know. I’m hoping to start an etsy site soon with my sister, selling stuff for babies. The moisturizer I use/make can also be used as lip balm and diaper salve. How often can you put the same ting on your butt and your lips? Don’t answer that please, it’s rhetorical:)

  3. Interesting…..I think that clay is the one thing that I cannot live without! I gets rid of gas and any toxins in the digestive system. I used it as baby powder for my baby’s bottom and on and off for a facial cleanser for myself. Have Used it for serious dental pain to draw out toxins after a visit to the dentist. Now that I have Invisalign-ers which are made from a noxious plastic, I use it every morning when I take them out. I mix up clay, stevia and some essential oil, ionized water and then take an organic cotten ball and s – t- r – e -t -ch it out and soak it in the clay mix and then put one as a liner on my bottom gum and one on the top and leave in about 30 min to draw out toxins and assist with moving the teeth. Our earth our Cure is a great book on the wonders of clay!

  4. Mom

    I’m off to try the oil and lemon juice on my wood table. Someone left a plastic grocery bag on it and it left a green stain. URRGGGHHH

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