Help with Trashless Toronto

When I started this blog, I had high hopes for the Trashless Toronto section. What I really want is an interactive map that people can click on to see where to go to buy what they need without packaging. The problem is that I don’t have the skills or time to do it.
Do you? If so, please contact me. I would love that page to be easier to navigate, more helpful, bigger, and better!
I just added Khmer Thai and the Nutrutionista to the page as it is, as well as a few more farmers market. There are a few more places I need to add as well but it makes me a little sad to look at the page because it is so far from what I want it to be. sniff sniff.


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4 responses to “Help with Trashless Toronto

  1. I really really like the idea of a map. I am starting to compile a similar list for Vancouver. Google maps is super easy to use. I know you don’t have much time, but if you started a map and made it open, then anyone could just add dots to it (and even comments or photos of the stores)

  2. Sorry, off topic, but I have a question. So far I’ve managed to deal with my food garbage (composter and digester) on site, and containers (recycling off site), but what do you do with all the plastic wrappers. The city won’t take them. Any suggestions?

  3. My only suggestion is to not get plastic wrappers. Make your own food and buy from farmers markets and bulk stores.
    My friend is just telling me you can wrap things like cakes in cheesecloth soaked in brandy to keep them.

  4. Thanks Jen Clean Bin! I’ll see if I can pluck out the time to to that!

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