Oh Buggy

I had just about given up buying from the internet all together, due to hidden fees and crazy amounts of packaging. I ordered a percussion instrument in the shape of a banana and it came in a box about a foot by a foot filled with plastic and bubble wrap. UUUGH. I ordered an organic t-shirt from OH BUGGY and it came in an envelope padded with recycled paper. Yaaaay! No bubble wrap, no Styrofoam, no tape, no plastic!!! Also the shirts they make are awesome, and organic and the service was fantastic. So I will be ordering from the internet again after all.



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3 responses to “Oh Buggy

  1. Great to hear about the organic T-shirt!!

    I had always wondered about those, and the packaging!! 🙂

  2. Stacey

    Hey, have you ever looked on etsy for stuff. I recently bought a super cute handmade needle felted hair clip and a ponytail holder and since you can convo with the sellers prior to buying you could probably arrange packaging in some instances.

  3. Yes I love Etsy. I am going to have my stuff there soon too.

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