not creamy

* I wrote this Saturday but forgot to publish it.

The cream I was making never turned into a cream, even after Kyle used the elecrtic mixer. Kettunian was right! So now we have a very nice moisterizing oil, for after showering or massaging. Truth be told, we don’t have time for massages much any more but we do try to shower every once in awhile;)
I have another recipe that includes beeswax so I think it will turn into a cream, but I haven’t been able to get past the stage of infusing and straining the oil. It takes an hour to simmer on the stove and it’s hard to find that time.
I’m still struggling with bad hair but some honey soap on it helped a bit and I have plans to go to the Big Carrot tommorw to buy some bulk Giovvani Shampoo and conditioner so I don’t have to struggle any longer. I am still trying to make some shampoo, but in the meantime I can still feel good:)


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