Creamy and Dreamy

I finally made a cream that works! It’s the Calendula baby cream from Wholesome Baby foods. I use it for everything, lips, body and bum. It can be a diaper salve, a moisturizer and a lip balm-the latter two for adults as well. Here’s the recipe:
Calendula Baby Cream

2 cups calendula flower
1 cup comfrey leaf
1 cup chamomile flower
1 cup lavender flower
4 cups Sweet Almond Oil (Olive Oil works well too!)
1/4 to 1/3 grated beeswax
4 drips of Lavender oil
4 drips of Vitamin E Oil

The first thing you must do is infuse the oil with the flowers. I had some from my garden and the rest I bought at Tutti Frutti in Kensington Market.

To infuse, add the flowers/herbs to the Almond oil in a glass canning jar. Make sure cover is fitting tightly and then place the jar in a warm and/or sunny spot for 2-3 weeks.

After the required time, strain the oil through some cheesecloth. Make sure you squeeze out all the oil! This is hard and messy. I think a metal strainer would work just as well.

Using a double boiler, warm the oil for an hour on a low simmer then strain again if needed.

Add the beeswax and keep warming until the beeswax is melted. I had a hard time finding beeswax but finally got some at Evergreen on St.Clair and Bathurst.
To make sure this will harden, transfer 2 tablespoons of the mix into a plastic container and pop in the freezer. Check the container and see if the mix has hardened. If it has not, you may want to add more beeswax. If the mix is rock-hard you can add more oil to soften it up!

Add the vitamin E and Lavendar oils once you have the desired consistency and then transfer the mix into jars or tins as you like. This recipe made me one big jar and two small ones (to give away). Kyle was really impressed and thinks I should make more and sell it.

I was walking on a nap walk with Aurora today when I saw a beautiful turquoise and brown ( I love those colours together) store front sign that said “Eco Existence”. I went inside and immediately got really excited. It is a big beautiful well designed store with most of the products I usually buy. They have it set up like a house so things are very easy to find. There is a kitchen, bathroom, baby’s room, bedroom ( I think that’s where the stationary and books were) etc. In the baby’s room, the left half of the clothing section is organic bamboo and the right is organic cotton. Swoon. I actually love shopping, despite my reputation for being anti- consumer. I just think it’s important to try to be a smart consumer. This store makes it easy. The owner is really friendly and she said they are open to suggestions on what to have in stock, so maybe they will get more bulk products in (right now they have liquid soaps and shampoo and such in bulk) and then I won’t have to go across town any more! I bought eco friendly parchment paper and compost bags and an amazing little organic cotton gown for a friend’s new addition.


I went to the Big Carrot yesterday and bought bulk Giovanni shampoo and condtioner. My hair is still a bit dull- I think it will take a few days to get back to normal, but it smells good and looks much better than it has in awhile.



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3 responses to “Creamy and Dreamy

  1. I forgot to mention the store’s address. Eco Existence is at 21 Vaughan Rd. Toronto Ontario.

  2. My fellow on Orkut shared this link and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

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