Whip it good!

I made a new batch of deodorant with patchouli for Kyle and he is fine now. I made myself another sandal wood batch since I didn’t have a problem, and I didn’t really like the smell of the straight patchouli- smells like Dettol to me. Then, I shaved my arm pits. Now the sandal woods is no good. Ouchy ouch ouch. I suppose I will have to use the patchouli stuff until my hair grows back.
Speaking of hair, my hair on my head has been a disaster since trying the no poo method. When I gave it up, we still had some Lush solid shampoo, which was nice, but now we are out and I am trying not to buy more. I did cave and buy Burt’s Bees conditioner, even though I know they are owned by the evil Clorax. Well karma got me and my hair looks dull and heavy. The beeswax just sort of sticks- I knew that from before, but I forgot. So, I am still looking for a shampoo recipe. I tried Auroras glycerin soap and it was no good. I tried http://www.drbronner.com/DBMS/OLBA08EA/BabyMildLiquidSoap.htm and my hair was too tangly so I put the tiniest bit of coconut oil in and turned into a greaseball. Even after I washed it out my hair looked wet when it was dry.
I bought Soap Works solid shampoo and conditioner (way cheaper than Lush) and it is also no good for me. It really does leave my hair squeaky clean but I can’t get a brush through it after. Sigh- I may have to cave in and go back to my beloved bulk Giovanni products from the Big Carrot.
I am currently making protection creme from Stephanie Tourles’ Herbal Body Book. I’ll have to let you know how it turns out. My skin has been dry and crackly so I’m hoping it is as good as she says. I am also hoping I can whip until it’s creamy, because I have been whipping it and whipping it (LOL, that sounds bad) and it is still a pot of oil. Gotta go do some more whipping. Stay tuned for more exited DIY hygiene talk.



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5 responses to “Whip it good!

  1. I made the same stuff for my mom and it never creamed up. 😦 but it still worked Really Well according to my mom.

  2. I have to confess that the Giovanni shampoo and conditioner are 2 products I just can’t get rid of. I tried ACV to condition my hair and, while it detangled it, it made my hair very fly away. I justify the Giovanni by saying they are at least organic and biodegradable but then there’s the plastic bottles. The bottles are recyclable at least but the caps aren’t even marked so I don’t know what kind of plastic they are. Also, I bought an envelope f deep conditioner recently and the package said “100% recyclable packaging” but again did not say what kind of plastic it was so I had to throw it out. Sigh.

  3. Hey Green Cat
    You don’t have to get plastic. Do you live in Toronto? Big Carrot has it in bulk. You can bring your own glass jar or what ever OR you can buy the whole gigantic container for a big wad of cash and have at least a years supply.
    And thanks K. I think it will be good oil, but it’s just not cream. At least I know I’m not a failure at whipping!

  4. I didn’t realize you could get Giovanni in bulk (very exciting)! I live in NYC though. I wonder if there’s a place in the city that carries it in bulk. Their website is very hard to navigate (with all that annoying music). Any idea how I might find out if there’s a bulk retailer in my area?

  5. I’m sure there would be in NYC but I’m not sure how to find out. Do you know of health food stores or similar such stores that have a lot of bulk items? Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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