Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

It’s day 5 of home made deodorant and diaper wipes solution. Kyle and I both like the pit stick (cream) and Aurora also seems to be doing fine with the wipe solution. Yaaay!
Kyle asked if we were really saving money by making our own deodorant and the answer is …DEFINITELY!
I usually spend about $20 every month or two(depending on the season) on a block of deodorant to share. My materiel costs for making our own were:
-$9.99 for Sandlewood oil in Jojoba oil (as opposed to $49.99 for pure sandlewood). I used about 7 drops. It hardly looks like there is any gone. I estimate if we only use it for deodorant, it will last for at least 20 batches, which means this time I used $.49 worth.
-Approximately $0.10 for baking soda (bought it bulk from Grassroots)
-$.7.49 for the coconut oil. I think I used about1/5th of the jar, so let’s say $1.50 this time.
That means this batch of deoderant costs $2.14. Even if you count my time, which was about ten minutes, it’s way less than what we were paying before.
I’m still searching for shampoo recipes. I found some that were simple enough but they called for all natural baby shampoo-ugg! If I’m going to buy all natural baby shampoo, I’ll just use it without all the fancy extras.



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4 responses to “Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

  1. Hey!

    I was looking at a lot of shampoo recipes too, and then came across the simple and little known fact that some people have been known to wash hair with water only or – nothing at all, just a special routine – brushing, preenining, etc.

    At a forum, a Mom said she used nothing on her baby’s head till her kiddie was 3 years old…

  2. I’ve heard this too. I tried the first step of going with out but couldn’t do it. I am addicted to shampoo and conditioner. I dislike the smell, feel and look of my hair without it.

  3. Yeah, I know.. – The transition period especially can be, uhm, horrible 🙂
    I probably wouldn’t be able to pull it all if I didn’t have a back injury and some other health problems at the time – but actually I’m now glad I did, lol!! 🙂

    Also, it really depends on the job you do – if you need to be among people, looking your best.. probably better to go for other things.. there are some other good alternatives, I hear..

    Anyway, interesting to look at your experiments!!:)
    & I LOVE your guide to Trashless Toronto!!
    Do you know of other similar guides for cities or other places worldwide?

  4. Kelly

    What’s your recipe for deodorant?

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