What Wear How

I love clothing. I love making it, shopping for it, swapping it. I have what you may call an eclectic sense of style because I love so much I can’t decide on just one style or era. In high school, I was called a poser because one day I wore bell bottoms and the next day I wore all black and high dock martins and a dog collar. While I no longer have a dog caller, I do wear many different styles and types of clothing. To marry my love of clothing with my environmental and humanist beliefs, I buy second hand or acquire clothes for free through clothing swaps, free-cycle or sometimes even dumpster diving.
I have been reading and hearing a lot about the health benifits of natural, and organic fibers and the problems that can arise from wearing synthetics. I would love to have a wardrobe that was completely made up of organic and natural fibers. I would shop here and here and here and here to start. I could afford it if I scaled down my clothing collection and just had a few quality clothes that I wore always. I love the idea but I’m just not sure if I can do it. I could perhaps try to limit myself to only natural fibers at the thrift store, but there is still pesticide use and labour practices to think about. Hmmmm
I realized yesterday that I only have two organic items in my wardrobe- a pair of Maggie’s socks. I buy organic for my family and friends, but for myself, I get what ever I can in the thrift store. Perhaps some day, I’ll find organics there. Or perhaps slowly I’ll be able to curb my clothing collecting. I have gotten quite a bit better. When I left Korea, I had over 25 pairs of footwear! Now I think I have 7 or 8. I also got rid of a lot of my clothes due to limited closet space in our new apartment. I’m getting better and better each day.:)


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    Nearly 2m tonnes of discarded clothing, shoes, accessories etc. go to UK landfill sites every year. This represents nearly 4% of all the waste in Britain that is sent to landfill each year (approx 65m tonnes). In addition, women in the UK spend a staggering £6bn every year on fashion items they’ll never wear (source: Bigwardrobe.com). This means there are more than 30m wardrobes, each packed with at least £216 of unworn items many still with tags. The Governments own statistics also show that are an amazing 2.4bn pieces of clothing unworn for an entire 12 months (many possibly brand new) cluttering up the national wardrobe, which adds up to a whopping £10bn worth of unused currency in our wardrobes (source: YouGov). And this is JUST THE UK!!! Bigwardrobe.com aims to redistribute this clothing to new homes NOT landfill. Check out the website at: http://www.bigwardrobe.com.

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