Happy Birthday, Baby!

let them eat cake

let them eat cake

Aurora is one year old now! I can hardly believe it! I thought I had better post about her birthday party because I remember when I was doing a lot of talks at schools and community centres, birthday parties were a big concern. So here’s what we did:

We had a potluck and used real dishes.

We asked people not to bring packaging so gifts came in cloth or reusable paper bags.

I made cloth loot bags with tinfoil pouches of home-made cookies, 3 crayons tied with ribbon and one Plan toy from a box of toys that I separated.

OK so tin foil is  not really garbage free, but we do use ours over and over, so I hoped other people would do the same. It’s also good for crafts. Ooooo shiny.

We immediately recycled the Conservative Party sign that someone mysteriously tied to our porch during the party.

I “made” Aurora a growth chart- no packaging at all. I say “made” because it’s actually still not done due to a series of sewing machine malfunctions, but it will be  soon. I’ll try to post pictures of it and the loot bags.

I made her cake and it was really good. Thank you to  Jessica for posting the recipe.

We bought beeswax candles at Grass Roots, instead of using paraffin.

Oh and when I was shopping for loot bag toys, I saw party hats made out of felt- very cool idea, but most 1 year olds don’t really like wearing hats so I decided against it. It would be fun for the adults but not the children.

I must confess that we are not perfect and we  ran out last minute to buy chips and salsa. Also, Aurora had another gift from us, a Casio keyboard, which did come with 2 pieces of Styrofoam. Gah! Don’t worry, I ate the styrofoam so at least it will be kept away from landfill until I die;)



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3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Baby!

  1. Awesome. My two boys have birthdays in the 2 coming months so you’ve given me some good ideas!

  2. PS The beeswax candles are cheaper at The Big Carrot. I love Grass Roots but they have a huge mark up. After buying Sage Mama diapers there for 24.99, I discovered I could get them from Sage Mama herself for $12.99. Ouch. The candles are a dollar cheaper at Big Carrot.

  3. Thanks for the tip – I noticed that about Grassroots, too. Love the bulk but I don’t by anything else there because of the mark up.

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