Let’s Play

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a long time, so here it is finally: Toys, toys, toys! Obviously the best toys would be those you made yourself, in your spare time (ha ha ha). My mom has knit Aurora a variety of creatures including: a duck, a bear, a mermaid, a rabbit with legwarmers which she loves.  A’s favorite toy right now is a cracker box with both ends cut out- it’s a hat, it’s tunnel, it’s great fun!
I have been looking for a local who makes wooden toys but have not yet found one.
In the mean time I have found some good companies that use little packaging (but still some). The only problem I have is that they are from far away so there is the whole issure of burning fossil fuels.

Oh how I love them so. They are a sustainable company- the wood is from (organic) plantation rubber trees that are no longer producing rubber. They use non-formadihyde flue, water based dye, soy and water based ink and recycled or recyclable packaging. .Their toys are just really cool! We have the wooden fruits and veggies that have velcro in teh middle and come with a wooden knife, so you can “cut” them. We would like everything else! The blocks, the shape sorter, the musical instruments, the kitchen, the walker….oh wow!  I’m having trouble finding info on their labour practises, but I do know they are made in Thailand.


A German company who also seem to have a very clean slate as far as the environment and labour practices, and some HABA toys come with no package at all-just the price tag.


These are really cool blocks in a fabric bag with a draw string. You can get them with bark or without.



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6 responses to “Let’s Play

  1. Melissa

    We love Haba! You should also check out Kapla Blocks.

    We get our toys at Landbridge Toys.


  2. Dalila

    Here in Winnipeg, some local people sell wooden toys and other items at the Farmer’s Market. If there are markets around TO, I would suggest trying them for locally made wooden toys. I am positive there are people making them in southern Ontario so you’ll find them eventually!

  3. I’ll keep looking, but I have gone to many farmers markets, with no luck so far.

  4. My mom used to work with a gorgeous gal who, as it turns out, now makes beautiful organic toys right here in Toronto:


    The stuff is absolutely gorgeous, if expensive. But worth it I think. They’re not just toys, they’re works of art.

  5. Wow! That stuff is gorgeous- out of our price range, but I’ll put it on my wish list. I love Etsy. I am trying to get it together to have my stuff there too.

  6. My brother-in-law bought our 2 year old a couple of natural wood toys from ToysRUs today and I was surprised to find that they are a ToysRUs brand, they use 100% FSC wood and 70%+ recycled packaging, plus eco-friendly inks & dyes. I haven’t been to ToysRUs in years (we love http://www.ape2zebra.com ) but I’m impressed that they’re “greening” up.

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