Twisting Twisting… in the wind

One of our biggest eco-sins is in the kitchen. I would be fine using home- made wash cloths, despite the fact that they get smelly pretty fast, but the Mr. really likes having sponges or scrubbies to clean the dishes with. We buy a pack from the dollar store and throw out both the plastic wrapper and the sponge when it is finished.

I finally found biodegradable sponges (called Twist) at the one and only Grassroots (well Ok there are two). They are biodegradable, affordable,  and the cardboard wrapper can be made into crafts-one that I got is a bird mobile and the other is a bird feeder.  The only problem is that they are still wrapped in plastic-sigh. They are good though. They clean well and seem to be good quality. I’ll have to let you know how long they last.

Also at grassroots they have a stainless steel dish set. I have always wanted almost exactly that in a little lunch box to carry with me in case I need to eat somewhere that has disposable dishes. The only thing that could be better is if they collapsed somehow to take up more room. I carry so much on me daily that often I can’t find what I need. My friend Jessie reminded me of a quite I said (which she immortalized in cartoon form) that still holds true after all these years ” I carry everything but I can’t find anything so I may as well have nothing”. Deep.

Oh and speaking of things I have said and done, I was very impressed with myself that I manage to unclog our kitchen sink. Granted, it was my fault that it clogged, but nevertheless I was proud. I tried a plunger, and a coat hanger and baking soda and vinegar, but the water just kept transferring from one side of the double sink to the other. After I had called the landlord, I tried plugging one side and plunging the other and it worked! I called him back to tell him the good news and he asked “how did you fix it?'” I answered ” I’m clever, to which he laughed in agreement. I wanted to add ” and humble too” but I didn’t.



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4 responses to “Twisting Twisting… in the wind

  1. For the portable dishset have you seen products from Orikaso? Dishes that look like flat pieces of plastic that fold origami style to make dishes. Seem pretty durable. I’ve seen them at MEC and a bigger set at Canadian Tire.

    Great blog BTW – been checking it out regularly… lots of great ideas.

  2. Kim

    Do you have/use a microwave? I don’t like to use mine for food (ick) very often but it works great for disinfecting my cotton, handknit dishcloths. Get it wet, zap for 2-4 mintues (must be pretty wet for 4 mins) and 99% of germies are gone. Just keep an eye on it as cotton can catch fire in the mw.

    The cloths no longer smell bad. I can use one cloth for a few days at a time between washings.

  3. Thanks for the tip. We are a microwave-free household, though.

  4. I have stainless steel tiffin boxes from Little India (Kohinoor on the SE corner of Gerrard and Ashdale) that we use for take-out food:
    but I also bought a set of 3 nesting stainless steel containers from them for lunches. They’re great, because after you use them you can just nest the smaller ones in the big one. They’re also very cheap: $10. Email me if you want any details on size or if you’re going to make the trek out to this side of town I can go and make sure they still have some in stock.

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