Green Wikki

A few weeks ago I was asked to write for Green Wikki ( I was really excited (and still am) but didn’t get around to writing anything, until today. I’m visiting friends in Regina and the friends have gone to a party. I stayed behind for miss Aurora so I have some time to catch up on blogging and emailing.  I decided to write an article, but I can’t. I have never written a wikki before and it is more complicated than I had thought. I wanted to let everyone know about Green Wikki though because I think it’s a great idea and has potential to be an excellent resource.

Hmmm what else can I tell you. I am making quite a bit of garbage here. I haven’t been collecting compostables to take home like I previously would and I am eating a lot of packaged items. I’m on vacation from my morals, I suppose 🙂  I haven’t flown in sometime and I forgot how un-green (purple?) it is. Of course there’s the whole carbin footprint issue, but there is also a whole lot of waste. I had to dump out my water in the bathroom and refill it on the other side of the security desk (Aurora’s too). Everything you could eat or drink is very packaged and I don’t believe there is recycling. I brought food for Aurora and I , but I also accepted cookies when they came a calling, 2 per package. Oh how I loathe individal servings. I am the bulk queen. The only problem I encounter with buk goods is trying to have some self control. I bought bulk choclate bars last week and I must have eaten about ten. If I had pruchased a regular packaged chocate  bar, I would have stopped at one due to guilt over the packaging, but with a reusable bag full of choclatey goodness, there is no stopping me!



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  1. Thanks Lynn, it’s the first one, but I checked the link and it worked before-weirdness-did they change?

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