The Move

I must apologize profusely (again) for being away for so long. The move totally kicked my butt. And on top of it all, I hurt myself. Yup, it finally happened; I fell off my pedestal (har har har). We intended to be really organized for the move and get rid of a whole bunch of stuff on Craig’s list and Free Use, but the move came on so fast that we ended up moving a lot of crap and throwing quite a bit out. No that wasn’t a typo, we threw stuff out. We hadn’t packed a whole lot because we still hadn’t found a place, then suddenly we found our apartment and moved the next week. I’m still finding stuff we shouldn’t have moved like a container of gel medium filled with water (really), and other items like that.
OK enough excuses, the fact is that we through out at least 2 big black garbage bags full (which is more than we threw out in 2 years between 2004-2006), and our recycling has been totally out of control. We take out the little green bin every other day-yes the same little green bin that was my recycling limit for the whole “hardcore” time (January to March 2007).
Because this is supposed to be a positive blog, here’s a list of things we did during the move to reduce waste:
-We gave huge amounts to Good Will
-We moved all the things we still wanted to get sell or give away on Craig’s List.
-When we ran out of toothpaste the day of the move, we resisted the urge to buy some and instead unpacked the ingredients to make more.
-We ran back to the old place to wash diapers because we haven’t found a portable washing machine yet.
-We moved old medicine that we need to dispose of at Environment Days
– We used mostly boxes that didn’t need packing tape.
– We wrapped fragile items in blankets, dish clothes etc. (we did wrap one box of dishes in newspaper but then I used the newspaper to clean the mirrors)



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6 responses to “The Move

  1. *gasp* threw stuff OUT?! Oh noes! *grins*

    Honey, you are doing fantastic if all you threw out were two garbage bags after living there for how long? Seriously. It’s amazing how much unwanted stuff can accumulate over the years (especially after having a baby).

    And I had no idea that Environment Days took back old meds. Do they take expired vitamins, too? I’ve got LOTS of those I need to get rid of that I’ve been hanging onto for lack of knowing what to do with them.

  2. I’m not sure about vitamins. I’ll have to check. I’m pretty sure there are no more until September though!
    We lived there only 2 years, but to be fair we actually moved garbage there-we didn’t throw any of that out-don’t worry we didn’t move it again. I think we actually found a use for it in collages and paintings.

  3. Jennifer

    You may not need to wait for Enviro Days – most pharmacies take back any meds – both prescription and over-the-counter – and vitamins for safe disposal.

  4. Clara

    Wait what happened to the Wonder Wash? Or was it something you were looking to purchase and never got around to?
    ^_^ I was looking for more information on the product when I found this blog so I am quite curious as to how that turned out. That being said Wow I stand in awe- I hate the amount of garbage I as a single person (with cat) seem to toss out but I’ve yet to make a constant deliberate choice to limit packaging. I think it is simply time to buckle down and do so.

  5. We never got around to it. I only recently received the comments from people who loved it and we would like to get one but it takes a looooong time to arrive and we need something ASAP.

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