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My account is totally spammed out. I guess word got out that I have problems in my love life due to my small penis and that I really want a collection of cheap rolex watches. I’ve made a new account for garbage related emails, so if you need to contact me, it’s the first word (3 strung together) you type in to get to this blog, and then @
The moose howls at midnight. 10/4 over and out.



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4 responses to “New Contact

  1. kellyrosemclaughlin

    hello. it’s the new girl from hip mama.

    i just wanted to let you know that i checked out your website and i totally dig it!

    gustavus (where i live) is a really small town – definitely one of the smallest in alaska (300-400 people) – but has the most comprehensive garbage/recycling in the state.

    the majority of the town is earth conscious, and since we all love our home almost everyone tries to work to make it better.

    almost everything is recycled, and what is not recycled and can be burned is burned (i’m not talking incinerated, i’m talking burn barrels in our yards – how do you feel about that by the way?)
    and the little that remains is, of course, buried. it’s all pretty standard practice – i guess the real thing that deserves mention is how the bigger cities in ak have NO or very little recycling.

    thanks for keeping this site, it is really incredible, and i will share it with my friends!


  2. Thanks Kelly
    I will post again soon. I had a great big post that the computer ate and I haven’t had the heart or energy to repost it, but it’s been almost a month now so I should get my butt in gear!
    I’m not sure how I feel about burning garbage- I guess it depends what it is. Some of it can be really toxic.

  3. ecbaby

    what are you – being a busy mama??? 🙂
    i miss your posts, but i get not being able to write much.

  4. ecbaby

    oh hey – thats sweetdumpin’ to you!

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