winding yer arse or wiping yer watch

A few years ago, I sent off a form letter from Greenpeace to Kimberly Clarke, asking them to stop using old growth forests in their toilet paper. I got a reply (which I totally wasn’t expecting) that explained they had to use the old growth forests to make the toilet paper soft enough. I was astounded. To me it’s like saying ” I need to cut your son’s arm off to make myself a hat. It has to be his arm because that is the fashion right now”. I Need totally screw up the ecosystem so that you can wipe your butt with something that feels like kittens!?! Come on.

Toilet paper made from recycled paper can be soft and smooth as well. We buy Atlantic Brand, April Soft from Grass Roots. It comes wrapped in recycled paper rather than plastic and I really can’t tell the difference between it and other toilet paper. I just discovered however, that not all recycled TP is created equal. I forgot to pick some up at Grass Roots, so I bought a different brand ( Seventh Generation) at Organics on Bloor. I was very excited because I thought Grass Roots was the only place to get recycled toilet paper without plastic (except for Karma Co-op which I have never been able to find the entrance to). Anyhow I bought 4 rolls and told the owner I would mention it on my blog. Unfortunately it sucks. It’s thin and scratchy and I’m afraid we are all going to get chaffed bottoms. If that was my only experience with recycled toilet paper, I wouldn’t be as happy about using it. I probably still would because I’m a pretty determined girl, but I’m glad the April Soft exists!


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One response to “winding yer arse or wiping yer watch

  1. Tim Packham

    I used to wipe with Dick’s undershirts…ha!

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