Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow

About 3 weeks ago now I got 9 inches cut off my hair to donate to the Cancer Society. I went through the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. I chose them mostly because that had very clear concise instructions and a free mailing label to send the hair.

It felt like a drastic change to me, but very few people have noticed. When I told my 7 year old niece, she said “looks the same”. Well little lady, it’s not, it’s way shorter and layered for the first time in my life, unless you count when we just randomly cut off my dreadlocks. That resulted in kind of a layered look, but this is different because it’s “professional”.
Anyhow the point, really, was to donate to a good cost and not have any garbage. I went to an Aveda Salon, called Hair by Nature and had my hair cut by an apprentice for $10.  Her name is Alexis, if you are interested in getting a cheap hair cut. She was good and I like my hair cut but she didn’t read any of the instructions that I brought her and when she picked up my cut off pony tail at the end it came out of the bag. The instructions state a few time “make sure the pony tail is secure.  We suggest putting a second band in the middle before cutting it off. We will not accept hair if it comes out of the pony tail.” My belly was doing flip flops about it so I called Pantene. The first time, I waited for about 5 minutes and then was disconnected from their end, so I called back. After waiting another 5 minutes, I heard” Hi, this is Dan how can I assist you?” So I said “Hi Dan, I recently cut…” and Dan said “hello? hello? This is Dan, can you hear me? Hello? I can’t hear you so if you can hear me, I’m very sorry because I have to disconnect now and you will have to call back.” Ugggg! So I called back and waited another 5 minutes. This time I got a very friendly woman with a southern accent. When I said, ” Can you hear me? ” she said, ” I can hear ya clear as day, honey, and I’m shore glad ya called!” I explained my predicament to she put me on hold to double check. When she came back, she Thanked me for making such a big sacrifice, and told me to do the right thing and send it on in! Phew! I know that (in the words of Sook-Yin Lee, from her band Bob’s your Uncle) “hair is just dead cells emerging from your scalp”, but the hair cut was a bit more dramatic than I expected. I have sported a bald head quite a few times throughout my life, so I thought it would be no biggy, but it took me 6 years to grow my hair from shaved to my elbows and I had become quite attached to it. Needless to say I sent my hair on in and I am happy that it can be used!



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3 responses to “Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow

  1. Whew!!! So glad you were able to send it on!

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