Eco Chique

Last Weekend my favorite brother-in-law scored my sister and I passes to the clothing show. It was a bit overwhelming but I found 2 great green designers-ecofriendly, environmentally sound, trash free and stylish! I didn’t buy anything from wither of them but would like to in the future. The first was Bee Organic from Athena Designs. Simple comfy organic clothes with beautiful bees silk screened on to them.

The second was Passenger Pigeon. They have gotten a lot of good press, especially from the Now Magazine, and I understand why. They use organic cotton and hemp, manufactured without sweatshop labour. They reuse other stores packaging and send things off in cardboard boxes they find on the street-my kind of gals. Also their designs are beautiful. The prints look kind of Victorian but when you look closer you see, windmills, solar panels, bicycles and even garbage. My sister really wanted me to have the garbage dress, but I couldn’t justify spending money on clothes when I already have so many and so little space. I did buy Kyle an organic Bamboo t-shirt with a really cool tree design on it, but I can’t remember the designers name-shoot. The shirt only says HT, which is the company that makes the plain bamboo tees.I also got Aurora an organic cotton T-shirt that says “Tree Hugger”.



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2 responses to “Eco Chique

  1. Mom

    Yes, that is the way Mothers shop. Something for everyone else. You belong.

  2. Well I do love shopping, but I can’t justify buying things for myself, so it works out well for all of us:)

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