I had our home made toothpaste in a glass jar, but Kyle was concerned about germ mixing if we were both dunking our toothbrush in. I have always been lax on things like that because I think of the multitude of other ways our germs are mixing, but to make him feel better, I put it in a plastic squeeze bottle. It was good solution in theory, but we had previously used the bottle to store home made salad dressing  and had taken on the flavour. I remember the salad dressing being tasty but it’s not so delicious to brush your teeth with. So I had to ditch that batch and make a new one. It’s in another glass jar with a spoon beside it for us to use. The good news is the second batch is even better than the first and it no longer seperates.

I finally bought a keeper and I am mostly happy with my purchase except that it came in plastic! There is a little pamphlet explaining how much waste menstrual products usually cause and how the keeper is the most environmentally friendly choice because you can use it for 10 years and it is biodegradable. I doubt the plastic it came in is though and I bet there’s even more of that in landfill. I really don’t understand because it comes with a beautiful cotton carrying case- why not just sell it in that?



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  1. greenapt

    I am really curious into getting a Keeper but am concerned it’s uncomfortable and can’t get out of my head it looks like a plunger. LOL.

  2. It is kind of like a plunger if you think about it! I don’t find it uncomfortable, but I just had a baby so it’s a bit more, umm spacious down there. LOL Kind of like Mary Poppins magic bag- there is more room than you would think:)

  3. Thanks for writing about the toothpaste… I had kind of been waiting for a recommendation from someone (anyone!) to try it! Now that I have I wish I’d done so earlier!

  4. Kirbie

    I have the “Diva cup” which is that same thing as the keeper i think, and I don’t like it. I tried it, and it was so hard to get a good seal on it..ew, that sounds gross lol! And then when i finally did get it in it kept moving upward. (I know that it can’t get lost in there, but when I tried to remove it, it was kind of scary!) I haven’t used it since, and I’m kind of sad about that. 😦

  5. Yeah, I’ve had a few days where it kept snapping open before I got it in properly-ouch, so I defaulted to cloth pads. There are many options though-cloth pads, bleach – free biodegradable tampons or pads, sea sponges, plus the Diva and the Keeper.There’s hope:)

  6. Sarah-Marie O'Toole

    love my keeper – using it for the past 6 years (thanks for introducing me Molly)

    yes, i’ll be the first to admit that it’s not perfect – it’s funny looking, sometimes it leaks if i’m forgetful, and travels around a bit, but i’ve never lost it yet and had a great time finding it 😉 …….

    though the same can be said for the other options!

    had a baby and bought the ‘mama’ size which is actually not a different size only slightly ‘softer’

    i guess they’ve got to sell such instruments in plastic so as to adhere to current health & safety guidelines

  7. Wow! It’s softer. I’d hate to feel what the other one feels like when it snaps open before completely inserted!

  8. Amy

    I had a Keeper for seven years, then lost it; now I use a Diva Cup. They’re pretty similar in how they feel, except for the material they’re made out of. The Diva Cup is silcone, so it’s good for people with latex allergies who can’t use the rubber Keeper – but, it doesn’t break down. Other differences are the price (Diva is cheaper), place of manufacture (Diva is made in Canada; Keeper in US), and money-back promise (3-mo Keeper; 1-yr Diva). I don’t know what either company does with the products that get returned! Another thing I like about the Diva is the ridges on the stem; they make it a lot easier to get the thing out far enough to break the seal before it becomes uncomfortable (I find tilting it to the side while you’re pulling out helps, as well – just pulling straight down is NOT fun). Oh, and you can boil the Diva in vinegar and water if you’re worried about germs.

    I guess I’m sounding pretty biased towards the Diva, but I really did love my Keeper for all those years – either one is a good choice, I think. I use cloth pads, too, because both products do have a tendency to leak, unfortunately.

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