Bye Bye Tom’s

We usually buy Tom’s of Maine toothpaste because you can recycle the tube. It is difficult to wash out though and we are still left with a plastic cap, and of course, recycling is no the best either. I tried making my own tooth powder (on National TV no less) and it was disgusting, so we continued using Tom’s… Recently I came across Adria Vasil’s toothpaste recipe. I finally tried it and it is so good that even Kyle uses it! Yaaay. So now we just have the glycerin bottle and the mint bottle, which will do us for at least 10 years, I think.
Oh and we still have Aurora’s toothpaste tube, but she doesn’t use as much as when hers is finished I’ll look into making some for her too.
**** Adria’s recipe doesn’t make very much and I also found it to be so minty it hurt a bit so I adjusted it. It could be because of the kind of mint we have. Anyhow here’s my recipe:
6 tablespoons baking soda (whitener)
1 pinch salt (mild abrasive)
4 tbsp vegetable glycerin (to create the gel)
5 drops of a minty organic essential oil



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9 responses to “Bye Bye Tom’s

  1. I started out using that recipe, but then I read somewhere that glycerin is difficult to rinse off your teeth fully… so I ditched the glycerin and started using the stevia extract I had in my stash of “things I never thought I’d use again”.

    I also ditched the salt as part of the toothpaste. I use it as a saltwater gargle after brushing and taping (dental tape is gentler than floss). Though, the tape creates waste…

    What toothbrush do you use for Aurora?

  2. I use a biodegradable one for myself (fuch’s) but I couldn’t find any such thing for babies so I just use a mainstream baby toothbrush. I’m not sure of the brand.

  3. Tom’s recently got bought by one of the big-evils, proctor and gamble or someone like that, sorry I can’t find a link.

    The best natural toothpaste I ever tried was a Neem toothpaste from India, found in a random health food store somewhere. I can’t find the same brand anywhere.

  4. What about flouride? Do the ingredients you list help with cavities? Or is the water already flouridated enough? I’d like to try this, but not if it’s going to allow bacteria and cavities to grow.

  5. Ummm I always got toothpaste without fluoride anyhow. I’m not really a fluoride believer. A lot of people have healthy mouths without flouride, and it has been proven to do some pretty nasty stuff to our health and well being. Here are some links:

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  7. This is a terrific toothpaste recipe! Thanks!

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