Being Trash-Free never tasted so yummy!

We are list makers. We make daily to -do lists (on scrap parer that has been used on both sides and then the white parts are cut off and saved for list)with tasks that rarely get finished on the day they were meant to. For weeks, “make samosas” was on the list everyday and we finally did it! We were sometimes buying samosa at Sobeys deli and putting them in our own container, so the only garbage created was the sticker, so we are not really cutting back on heaps of garbage, but we are also saving money and we have more control over what exactly gpes in them.

We used this recipe, but baked them instead of deep frying. They were delicious. Now we are going to experiment with different fillings so the samosas can be more of a complete meal- we will add chick peas or lentils and other veggies.

We also tried a new recipe for veggie burgers. It comes from the Lean, Lucious and Meatless Cookbook by Bobbie Hinman and Millie Snyder. We used black beans instead of kidney beans and baked them instead of frying them. Actually, “we” didn’t, Kyle did while I was out at a clothing swap (another great way to be trash free). I have to admit that we used canned beans. A few weeks ago I soaked beans and cooked them to make Cajun style burritos, but I forgot to rinse them at all so the beans are so gaseous that we can’t even eat them- they hurt our bellies so much. We are using canned beans for a bit until I get my brain back.
ON a side note, there is a public transit strike on in Toronto right now, so we got to the clothing swap the greenest way ever- walking. It was an all day adventure as it took a bit over an hour to walk there and two hours to walk back- 3 adults, 2 babies, one stroller, two carriers and a lot of clothes. I think we had less on the way back but I can’t be sure.



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5 responses to “Being Trash-Free never tasted so yummy!

  1. kimberly

    *shakes fist at ttc*
    well, at least it was a lovely weekend for walking…
    i’ve been meaning to ask you: where do you get your mason jars? i’m looking for cheap ones in toronto… but i’m only finding them at expensive kitchen stores.

  2. I’ve used ones other people have given me with jam or sauces in them, so I’m no help. May be a big box store like ikea or zellers?

  3. i had lots of fun walking around town that day! thank you for being part of the adventure. 🙂

    the samosa recipe looks fantastic. bookmarked and will hopefully try after we’ve moved later this month.

    do you need more scrap paper? I brought back a tonne of it from my work before I went on leave and some of it is an extremely useful size. I’m going to recycle most of it because I can’t sort through it all before the move and I don’t want to take it all with me. But I’ll keep the most useful sorts around to share.

    hmmm… mason jars… Ikea doesn’t carry them, but there’s an organizational store a block and a half north of Eglinton on Yonge (Organized Living?) that has them. You can also try Tap Phong in China Town (if you’re in Toronto). WalMart should have them, and maybe some larger grocery stores. I need to keep an eye out for them, because I’m looking to get more!

  4. aha! Canadian Tire carries mason jars of all sorts, along with rubber gaskets for bail jars (the jars with the flip-top lids), and canning supplies. Jackpot!

  5. Sweet! Thanks for the tips!

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