One More Thing

Holy Guacamole!Aurora eating!

Aurora now likes Oak Manor organic bulk rice cereal! She ate the whole bowl and wanted more! She also likes avocado and sweet potato-no packages there either. I knew she was a “tree hugger” at heart!



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6 responses to “One More Thing

  1. I am really struggling with how you remain trash free. I usually buy bulk, but at the local bulk barn they don’t allow a person to bring their own container. Also don’t get me started on the tp bag, tissue pack wrap, sugar bags, dry bean bags and the lot. Do you have someone who lets you buy bulk in a reusable container? Help!

  2. Aidan’s digging the mango and pear I got from the Market last week. Oh, and organic applesauce (glass jar, plastic-coated metal lid). Tried him on cantaloupe yesterday, which he liked, and I think he likes carrots, but I can never get them cooked well enough (he’ll choke on the raw bits). He seems to be digging a lot of orange things lately, as long as they’re not pureed.

    Also, I wanted to add that you’re doing a fantastic job of everything. It’s easy to feel like you’re banging your head against a wall — and many times you are because that’s our culture, for one, and that’s parenting, for two — but, really, you’re doing a stellar job, IMO.

  3. ps, I’d like to take a look at the diaper bag you got from Craigslist. Maybe we can find a way to modify it to make it useable (for either of us!).

  4. Sarah
    Where are you? If you are in Toronto, check out my Trashless Toronto page. All the stores I listed let me buy bulk with my own container, and Grass Roots has toilet paper that is not in plastic. I even bring my own bags and containers to chains like Sobeys and Loblaws. If you are not in Toronto, try smaller family owned businesses instead of Bulk Barn.
    And that’s weird because I have brought my own bags to bulk BArn- may be they just didn’t notice.
    I know of trashless stores in some other Canadian cities so perhaps I can help you.

  5. Hi Sarah,

    (This same name thing could get confusing) I will search out smaller bulk stores that allow my own bags. How do you feel about the corn-compost bags? I thought that in a pinch I could use those and re-use them for my green box. I live in Burlington, ON. Any suggestions about places in Burlington would be great.

    Thanks again.

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