So it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged- Sorry! Same old excuses- I’m looking after the baby, chasing sleep etc. etc. Ahhhh sleep, some day I will catch you again. If I was smart I would be sleeping right now, since the girl is, but instead I’m here! I’ve been away so long that I only just noticed….

1. Word Press has changed it’s format. I wonder when that happened?

2. All sorts of cool people have been doing similar projects and linking to me. Check it out: Kopstopp

***actually I don’t really know if this one is saying good or bag things about me, as it it in Swedish (I think), but I think it’s pretty awesome that someone from Sweden is talking about me!

Last week, our young film maker friend Mr. Meriwether, came by again to film us for his documentary. I call him our young friend though he is only a few years younger than myself, because when he first contacted us I envisioned him as being middle aged. Any how I was feeling quite sheepish about being filmed because the other people he is filming seem to be so much greener than we are ( one of them is Joel Saltin)

Anyhow the first thing we did was go for a walk with Aurora to buy a diaper bag off of Craig’s list, and it turned out to be not what I wanted at all, but I felt all silly so I bought it anyway, and now I can’t resell it! Aurora sucks on ADVENT silicone soothers because she refused the natural rubber ones and her thumb and I was tired of being a pacifier. We buy a lot more packaged things now and put a lot out to recycle- sigh. He caught us, on camera, making spanokopita with phyllo pastry that came in cardboard and plastic.It just made me aware of all the things I want to be doing but am not doing as much of due to lack of time and sleep. He also filmed our bed time routine, which made me paranoid that people would see it and criticize my parenting skills. I’ve gotten lots of criticism on the garbage project and that is one thing, but parenting is a whole new bucket of worms, and I just don’t want to hear what other people think about how we’re doing (unless it’s praise:) Graham (Meriwether) seems to think we are still on the right track though and he was in awe of Aurora (our little charmer). Anyhow he’ll be back again in a few months and hopefully we’ll be a little more rested (fingers crossed) and a little more green….although ….I told Graham, on camera that we weren’t going to do any packaged baby foods, but already Aurora hated the bulk rice cereal but loved the packaged oat baby cereal…so we’ll see. My Dad says she is not a tree hugger, but I think she will be. She is just too young to make informed decisions right now:)



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10 responses to “New(s)

  1. *phew* – let me tell you that hearing that you are having trouble with this makes me feel so much better. I had envisioned myself as this urban earth mother, perservering on elbow grease and an organic, vegan diet.

    I’ve felt so inadequate. I’ve been trying hard, especially not to give up trying, but it feels like such a weight. I have all those feedings, the co-ordinating of a households feeding, finances and activities, teaching, learning, trying to maintain relationships with close family and friends, and getting to know these incredibly cool kids of mine before they run off to college, which I understand happens very quickly if you’re not paying attention.

    You are amazing, that you feel sheepish at the idea of people knowing you used store-bought phyllo dough is a testament to your commitment to the cause. I think people will understand. We’ve all been kids, after all, and I’m sure we all remember how we could zap energy from our parents. I am amazed at the things you do, one day I aspire to have an itty-bitty footprint, but for now I know that I am mindful and always learning. Doing what we can is all we’ve got, if we make it all or nothing, we’ll never have a shot.

  2. Thanks a lot Kate! I like the very last thing you said, it sounds like a song lyric.

  3. Mom

    Good on you daughter. Glad to see another post on your blog. Yes, children can be time and energy consumers but they are worth it.

  4. jojo

    I appreciate how you’re keeping this real. It’s not easy. Babies cause a lot of aspects of life to change and what I see is you learning how to adapt to this. Expectations and reality…not always meeting but always changing. The no garbage project didn’t start off with a slam-dunk. Adding another household member, especially one “unable to make informed decisions” complicates it. I have 2 little ones at home and I commend you for all that you are managing to do keeping things green.

  5. Thanks Mom and Jojo. I really want Aurora to grow up respecting the environment and knowing that it is part of, not apart from our selves (her self). I have to admit that I used to think having kids was a bad excuse for using convenience (disposable) items, but now I understand. I also have a new found respect for parents everywhere, my own included. It is a really difficult (but rewarding:) job!

  6. Jason H

    Hey Sarah,

    Further to the topic of ways and means of raising kids and what you may need to use by way of “convienience” items: I think being informed and really considering what you may or may not want to do or use makes a huge difference. Parents who just go along with the status quo, are sucked in by advertising, and who feel that it is more important to just do what everybody else does is what is at the crux of alternative parenting anxiety. You can feel like an island if your trying to do things differently from everybody else even though you may know that you are probably better informed than most people. It is a slow process for networks of “island” people to get connected but it is happening.

    The idea of being informed and that you don’t have to follow the pack if you are informed is a broader lesson that will be passed on (hopefully) to our kids. A critical perspective serves people well in all aspects of their lives and should have an impact where it is important. (environment and our integration in it)

    Glad to see a new post Sarah, keep up the inspiring work.


  7. Veronika

    I found your website through the going green article in Today’s Parent and have been on it every day since. Its been a long time since I’ve been passionate/excited about anything other than my children (daughter 2, son 3 mths)…and now I’m addicted. I used to aspire to being environmentally friendly and conscientious but then life got in the way and I turned into your typial consumer. Well, I can’t say I have turned around in the last few days, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what you’re doing and how I could change my ways. (incidently I switched to cloth diapers with my second baby) Today I found out that Longo’s now recycles plastic bags and although I’m ashamed to admit it, I am thrilled because we throw out a lot of those. I use cloth bags for shopping, but still end up with bags from the 4 litre bags of milk (I buy organic but find the one in glass bottles very expensive so we get the 4 litre bags), or bags that I have reused but have ripped etc. I called the head office and apparently they will take any plastic bags and they recycle them. Just thought I’d post this for the “not-so-hard-core” beginners out there. Every small bit counts, right?
    Keep inspiring people,
    and thanks

  8. Nice to discover another garblogger. I’ll add you to the blogroll!


  9. Sarah-Marie O'Toole

    Just think of the beautiful art Aurora can make with the recyclables someday!

  10. sweetdumpling

    just to start off – nick (the husband) is a little obsessed with Joel Saltin. he bought his book a little while back and is completely fixated on it. not that its a bad thing, i just think its amusing how he finds out about these things and then they pop up in my life. the same thing happened with diaper free.
    We’re also looking into eco villages. do you know anything about them? just thought you might be a gal to ask.
    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, you are doing amazing. you’ll find your way with this little babe, and then when the next one comes you’ll be even more prepared.
    keep it up!

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