Another baby update

dscn0952.jpgMany people have been asking me how our garbage-free lifestyle has changed since having a baby. Of course having a baby changes everything, but it doesn’t mean you have to just give up. Here’s a chart of what makes us green and what gives us the blues.

Green Blue
We use cloth diapers and “natural infant hygiene”We also use wash cloths and natural wipe solution instead of disposable wipes. -a lot more laundry due to diapers and accidents on towels, sheets, my pants etc.-dryer use
We have been able to get most items that we need from Craig’s List, second Hand stores or hand-me- downs from friends and family -some times people save the original packaging and pass it on to us
Our garbage production hasn’t increased much, but our recycling has. -We don’t spend as much time looking for package free goods. If we feel the baby needs something, we’re more likely to just get it in a package after looking at only a few stores.
We still save our bath water to flush the toilet and have also started a bucket in the kitchen that we fill when waiting for the water to heat up and we use it to water plants, rinse the sink etc. -Due to sleep deprivation, I’ve had a lot more accidental garbage because I haven’t checked carefully enough and I always forget to ask for drinks without a straw at restaurants.
– When we order pizza, we order from a place that doesn’t use the little plastic holder uppers, so all we have is the box to recycle – We order more pizza than ever before and we now often get pre-made rice milk or juice instead of making our own.
-now that we have a baby, we have a new life for our socks that can no longer be darned. I cut of the toes(which is usually the darned holey part:) and make little leg warmers for her.  

Rob Grand has a really great post about being a careful consumer, now that green is hip. I find it harder to be careful in my shopping now that I have a wee one. I am more susceptible to marketing ploys, as I have less space in my brain-it’s all for the baby now!



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3 responses to “Another baby update

  1. kimberly

    what a cutey!!!

    it sounds like you’re doing well though! try not to feel blue. i don’t know any mums who are as eco-conscious while raising a new baby. it sounds like you’re doing well, and learning and making changes as you go along.

  2. sweetdumpling

    you’re doing awesome!
    it is hard to adjust to being less aware than you were, but it’ll come back. Aurora is still young and you’re still getting your brain back, just give it time. you’re going to be teaching her so much as she grows!!

  3. I love the leg warmer idea for using old socks!! I have lots that I’ve been reluctant to just throw out (because my mind always says there’s some way to use them), and now I’ll know what to do with them. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope this baby is another girl, since it would be quite the fashion statement for her. 🙂

    Your girl is looking cute and happy and not very tiny anymore. 🙂

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