Not a careful consumer

I’ve had two big buying boo boos this week. First of all, I needed suede protector for my new boots-which were also not what I wanted but the sales guy was really persuasive. We went to Pay Less and I bought the only bottle they had that said it would protect suede. I didn’t look at it closely, or I would have noticed:

-it was aerosol which I usually avoid.

– it was totally scary stuff that shouldn’t exist. The bottle had huge warning labels: flammable, poisonous, explosive. I don’t know how I missed it.

So we took it back- no problem. And I found some safe and friendly suede protector on the internet. But…..

The very same day, we took at trip to Diaper-Eez ( in Bloor West Village) to pick up some bigger Bamboozles and an organic teething toy. Kyle kept picking out the regular plastic ones, but I said “We could get those anywhere. We made the special trip to avoid them”. He showed me one with plastic and fabric, but I said No because it was made in China. Then I bought one called “Earth Brights”. The packaging was simply natural looking recycled cardboard with hemp fasteners. It had wood and material and was “inspired by nature”. Well it turns out, it is not organic, it is also made in China, in fact by the same company, Sassy. And it has lavender inside it so if she chews on it it’s like eating perfume and she makes a face. It was marketed to catch fools like me- D’oh!

We really want the Under the Nile teething veggies, but we need something fast and it would take a while to get them if we ordered them from the internet. We could get them at Grassroots, but they cost 3 times as much as they do on the net, and they are wrapped in plastic. Poor Aurora is chomping on our fingers mostly- I guess they are mostly organic though, so maybe it’s the best choice.

I have to be more careful in my shopping!



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8 responses to “Not a careful consumer

  1. kettunainen

    (discovered you through Green as a Thistle)

    if you order from Under the Nile, do they leave out the plastic bags? I’ve been looking at their grapes for my 6mo — he doesn’t really dig his maple teething rattle from Parenting by Nature (which came in a plastic box, btw *rolls eyes*). I don’t mind spending the $$, but I’m annoyed with the plastic wrapping, too.

    oh, and you can get them wrapped in plastic at THE near Whole Foods, where they are likely 3x more expensive than at Grassroots. bloody Yorkvile. lol, I like my typo.

    Aidan’s been happy with his fingers, Hyland’s homeopathic teething gel, an amber teething necklace, frozen washcloths, regular washcloths, and, much to my utter dismay, any plastic object he can glom onto.

    good luck and keep warm!

  2. kimberly

    i saw those cute veggies at grassroots the other day. it’s funny, ’cause i’ve been looking for a toy for my bunny, and i thought “perfect! not made in china! organic, whoo!”. i had no idea what they were made for, haha. thanks for putting up the website – now i can get a couple for wayyy cheaper!
    good luck with the teething šŸ˜›

  3. kettunainen

    um, ok, forgive the stalkerishness of this comment: I was browsing through your old blog and noticed that you live near St. Clair and Alberta. I live across the street from the high school on Oakwood. If you’re still in the area and want to get together for a playdate with another mama eco-freak, drop me an email. We can meet at Ellington’s or Alterknits or some place.

  4. Aw, I hate it when that happens (you can chalk that up to baby brain)…
    My mom found a great online toys/book store and I’ve sent a few people to it and the service is amazing. Her products are carefully thought out, too. Check out this teething ring:
    By the way, if you order online, she’ll get it out to you within 2 days generally, since you’re in TO.
    Hey, thanks for blogrolling!

  5. Shopping for good items is so hard to do. You literally have to read EVERYTHING about the item to know what you’re really looking at…

    I can’t wait for the day when I can walk to into a store and know that what I’m purchasing is local, sustainable, non-toxic and affordable. Here’s to hopin’!

  6. hey sair!

    just an fyi – have you tried “no poo” (no shampoo)? i’ve been doing it for over a month with no problems (in fact i prefer it!) and it’s made for a lot less chemicals going down the drain + no containers. nice way to recycle tea bags too (you start by washing with baking soda and rinsing with vinegar every week or so – i mix the vinegar with chai tea).

    here’s a livejournal community that talks more about it if you’re interested:

    shampoo was only invented as a money-maker in 1930 and conditioner a few years later. we don’t need it!

  7. Sarah-Marie O'Toole

    My little boy likes to teethe on wine corks – i soak them for a few minutes in soapy warm water to rinse them off. He loves it and it’s a great way to reuse the corks – they also make great bath toys too. (Just make sure the corks are either the rubbery type or don’t have any scraggly bits on them!)

  8. Companies are really sneaky these days, plus they really stretch the definition of “natural” and “organic”. If you want some options, you could try frozen bagels, or wet frozen face cloths. If you knot the end it will give Aurora something interesting to chew on. Alternatively you could knot four corners of a piece of cotton material like a clean tea towel and wet freeze it too if her gums are really sore. I would really hesitate to give a small item because anything that fits through a paper towel roll will be a choking hazard.

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