Everything I love goes away in the end

OK, not everything, but I like that song and it makes a clever title, if I do say so myself.

It seems that as soon as I find a great product with no packaging, it stops being made or suddenly comes with a big package! This time, it’s batteries. A few years ago I discovered that Grass Roots stocked nickel based rechargeables in bulk! A few months later, they only had double As left, and I needed another kind, so they sent me to a store on Queen street. As it turned out, that store had just shut down.

Last week I discovered Grassroots doesn’t sell any in bulk anymore!So I wrote Rob Grand and asked why. At first he said, they did still carry them and then he talked to his purchasing manager and said they are working on getting them again but it’s hard to get them in small quantities. There’s hope anyway! Speaking of Rob Grand, he is giving a talk at GET . Here’s the low down:
Rob Grand, founder of Grassroots Stores, will speak about the elephant in the living room: How can retailers make a buck in a world with too much stuff, where retail and manufacturing profit from hyper-consumption and planned obsolescence? Find out how a successful pioneer meets this challenge.

The monthly “GET Smart!” speaker series continues
Tuesday February 12, 7-9 pm
Green Enterprise Toronto
Centre for Social Innovation,
215 Spadina Ave., suite 120

$15 general admission, $10 for GET members – includes refreshments


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