sitting in the kitchen banging on the pots and pans

Kyle and I have been wanting to get new cookware for a long time. We had all second hand Teflon cookware and most of it is scratched-danger danger!!! We got some Christmas money (thanks to Grandpa and father-in law:) and a renewed sense of self preservation (thanks to the baby) so we are going tomorrow to buy new cookware. Ceramic, glass, stainless steel or cast iron are all safe. In fact, ceramic and cast iron are said to be good for your health.

The problem is now-what to do with the old stuff. Rhode Island recycles it, but Toronto doesn’t. I know sometimes with other non recyclable metals, you can take them to metal shops and they can use them, but I’m not sure when they’re coated with Teflon. Does anyone know? With other containers, we plant plants in them, but I don’t think the Teflon would be good for plants either. I really don’t want to just dump them in the landfill, but I would like to be rid of them. This site suggests taking the Teflon coating off with wire wool and using them still, but that makes me feel uneasy. It’s a cool site though

The weirdest thing about Teflon is everyone knows it’s bad but continues to use it. I have a few friends who have had cancer and their doctors tell them not to use it anymore, so they don’t. But why don’t doctors tell everyone not to use it and prevent some of the cancer cases?



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2 responses to “sitting in the kitchen banging on the pots and pans

  1. Mom

    What kind of pots did you get? What did you do with the old ones?

  2. We took the old ones to Good Will and hoped people would do something with them other than cooking. We couldn’t find any where else to take them. We got stainless steel pots and pans with glass lids, and one cast iron pan as well. We love them all!

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