Garbage Problems!

We live in house that’s divided into 4 units. No one else takes the garbage or recycling out. In the summer, I rushed out one morning, very pregnant and in my pajamas to put recycling on the curb as the trucks were coming. One of the workers gave me hell, and I exclaimed “none of it’s even mine!” whihc was true, but I don’t think he believed me.

The city hasn’t been collecting all the garbage and it just keeps building up and then they won’t take it because it’s more than the limit. It’s really frustrating because in the mounds and mounds of garbage we only have one grocery bag full, but no one else will deal with it! I’ve called the city twice and they said they would look into it but nothing happened.

I feel kind of embarrassed, like people will see all the trash in front of my house and think I’m a sham, but really no one cares.



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2 responses to “Garbage Problems!

  1. Can you buy a tag for over-the-limit garbage? In Richmond Hill you can pay $2 for a tag. The other garbage might not get picked up, but at least you would know that your tagged bag would be.

  2. Collette

    aw, that’s too bad. people can be so disappointing. who doesn’t take out their own garbage? sheesh. can you call your landlord and complain?

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