Wonder Wash

Wonder WashSince having a baby, our energy and water consumption has increased because of laundry! I never thought my pants could be peed on by someone else so often! Not to mention spit up, cloth diapers etc. We share the washer and dryer with 4 other units, and it’s in the basement. It’s hard to go down the stairs and outside with the laundry and the baby, so Kyle pretty much does all of it. If we had our own machine, I could help.

Kyle was internet surfing and he found a great portable washing machine that we want to get. It won a bunch of awards at environmental trade shows, and it’s less than $50. It uses a very small amount of water and takes only a few minutes to wash a five pound load. It’s small, but our apartment is already packed, so the only problem now is finding space for it.



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21 responses to “Wonder Wash

  1. Please tell us if it works.

    I wanted one of these back when I lived in an apartment, but I wasn’t completely convinced that it would work as well as a normal sized washing machine.

  2. kimberly

    that’s awesome, i want one! yes, definitely let us know how it goes, if you end up getting one. i haven’t heard of this machine…

    on a side note – was it you who mentioned that you couldn’t find cleaning vinegar at grassroots anymore? i went to the danforth location last week and noticed that they’re selling it. maybe the annex store just stopped selling it… anyways, if it was you, i just wanted to let you know 😛

  3. I had mentioned that-they said they couldn’t get it any more but then the supplier changed their minds and it came back! Yaaay!

  4. I’ll echo the call for your opinion on this after you have used it for a while. I’ve thought about getting one a couple of times, but have held off because I want to know how much work it is. The killer for me in handwashing is always expressing enough water to hang the clothes to dry. My wrists just don’t like it. If the Wonderwash spun out a lot of water, that’d be a definite plus in my books… otherwise, I’ll forgo the plastic and either wash by hand or keep trekking to the laundromat.

  5. Laura

    I would love to hear how this works too! Besides the fact that the laundry machines in my building use far too much water, it would save me having to lug my laundry hamper to the basement when I want to do a smallish load.

  6. We have this and are ambivalent about it. The plastic construction leaves a bit to be desired. We’d be happier with a sturdy metal base, at the very least.

    We’re looking into getting a spin dryer, but I’ve heard enough unsavoury things about Laundry Alternative’s business practices that I’m afraid to purchase from them. (The WW was a gift and it took 8 weeks to be delivered from wherever they are in New England, which is ridiculous.)

    Unfortunately, the only other spin dryer that looks remotely appealing is about $500… 😦

  7. Does this work? I’m considering getting one to help with baby-sized loads of laundry (which I know will be huge, but the individual pieces will be small!).

    I’m also wondering if this would work well with cloth diapers.

    Any info you could provide would be really appreciated! Please e-mail me if you have time. Thanks!

  8. Rie

    Does anyone know if you can use bleach with this? I’m concerned due since it’s made of plastic and others expressed concern about it’s general construction.

  9. I bought one of these a few years back. I liked it. Yes, I used bleach in it ( just a little) – I had white shirts to clean – but usually just a touch of detergent, and I took the spin handle off and patted it around instead. I got rid of it when my then-Lady wanted a stackable Washer-dryer for our apartment. I should have kept it!

    Now I’m looking for another.

  10. Valorie

    I bought a wonder wash & the larger spin dryer from the Laundry Alternative 2 years ago. I liked the washer overall, as the clothes were just as clean as they had been from my standard machine. I did not like the plastic construction though. The plastic is very brittle, and after a year and a half, the ‘brackets’ attached to it’s sides (which fit into the frame) finally cracked.

    I ended up using vinegar and peroxide instead of bleach, though. I was always afraid the bleach would eat up the rubber seal around the lid. (They worked nicely though, & I still use them.)

    I very much liked the spin ‘dryer’. I was always amazed how much water it removed. (It removed more water than a friend’s front loader spin cycle did.) Those do get cranky though if the clothes aren’t ‘level’ inside the chamber though.

    My only real complaint regarding that entire setup was the company from which I ordered them, The Laundry Alternative. It took them several months after billing me to actually ship my items. I received an email from them 1 month into the wait, after I had complained, giving me tracking numbers for UPS. When I checked with UPS, I discovered that the shipment had not been made. I complained yet again, and it then took 2 months for my items to arrive.

    In short, the products themselves are great. Just be cautious of who you order them from.

  11. MB

    I have been using both the Wonder wash and the spin dryer from laundry alternative for several months.

    Other than the cheap plastic frame, I really like the wonder wash. To give you some idea of capacity, in a single load i might wash 2 pairs of jeans, 2 bath towels, a single king-sized flannel sheet and a couple of small items, or ~10 t-shirts. It gets things clean.

    I have had troubles getting t-shirts that were subject to heavy sweating or clothes that spent several hours in a smoky bar clean. When that happens, things get soaked in soapy water and vinegar for several hours, then washed.

    The frame on the wonder wash broke after a few months. I’m trying to find plans for a home-made replacement frame.

    I’m a huge fan of the spin dryer. It only takes a few minutes. Afterwards, cotton sheets usually take 4-5 hours to fully dry, and jeans are dry in about 18 hours. This is not bad at all for air-drying clothing. I didn’t have any problems with ordering from Laundry Alternative, although plenty of people seem to have poor experiences with that company.

  12. Andi

    I received the Wonder Wash shortly before Christmas. My order to Connecticut took less than a week from the time I ordered it until I received it. The unit was well packed. I would have liked clearer instructions for putting it together, but it wasn’t too hard to figure out. The drum is pretty solid for being plastic but as other people have stated, the base is very wobbly.

    My biggest problem seems to be the suction cups sticking to the bottom of my tub and when I go to pick it up, all the little brackets fall off. I have lost one down the drain so far. Currently e-mailing the company to see about replacements.

    As for the capacity, I try not to overload it and the clothes come out very clean and with less lint than washing it in a standard washer. I live in an apartment with no laundry facility on site, so for me it is nice to not have to worry about running out of scrubs before I can make it to the laundromat again. The WW is not designed or big enough for washing anything heavy, i.e. blankets, etc. but works well for smaller items. I add fabric softener to the rinse water to make my clothes a little less stiff and that seems to do the trick.

    Overall, you get what you pay for. It is not a washing machine. It is not automatic. It is a great alternative to hand washing and the price is decent. I would like to see a metal base on it, but it is the best thing I’ve found.

  13. My dad’s friend bought something similar from China and………….he said he rather wash the clothes by hand and saves the hundred dollars.

  14. Valerie Sharp

    Please tell me if I can buy a wonder washer in England.

  15. Courtney

    I have a wonderwash and the mini countertop dryer. I give the washer about a 7 out of 10. I hate having to use hot water in it, but cold water doesn’t create a strong enough seal and the top leaks a bit. I usually just lay a dishtowel under it if I’m using it on the counter and that absorbs the leak just fine, though. I washed cloth diapers with it, just fine. But I would sometimes still have small piece of food or poo left on my diapers. But cloth diapers in regular machines require a 2nd run, so it’s reasonable to expect them to require a 2nd run the WW as well.
    The countertop spin dryer is FANTASTIC! I was always amazed by how much water was extracted and the clothes were reasonable soft for being line dried inside. The dryer gets a 9 out of 10 for me.

  16. haddow777

    I have been really looking forward to using the wonderwash and spin dryer ever since I heard about them. I just ordered them a couple of days ago.

    There has been many negative comments about the companies customer support in the past, but I think the company has gotten past those problems. I ordered my two items late Thursday (pacific time) and they were shipped early Friday morning.

    I still have as yet to get them (I`m in Canada), but I am looking forward to trying it out. By the way, I got the bigger spin dryer.

    It is good to know about the base though. I am planning to build a sturdy wooden base for it.

    Although, I have seen videos of people using it without wobbling. Maybe there is a rhythm to it. There are a few on youtube and more if you search for wonderwash in google video.

    • I’ve been looking at both of these products for some time now and on the verge on purchasing… I am concerned about the total cost after shipping, customs fees, etc. from the States. If the previous commenter happens to see this message, could you please respond and let me know how much your total cost came to by the time you received the products? Is it worth it?

      Thanks so much.

  17. Rosa

    I ordered my Wonder Wash from the Laundry Alternative on July 15th, received notification that it had been shipped on the 19th and received it this morning. I was so excited I did 4 loads this morning. I must say I am very impressed! It was easy to assemble (although the instruction sheet leaves much to be desired), the clothes were very clean and well rinsed with no soap residue and, even with the hand wringing, dried very quickly on the clothes line. I am in Vancouver and, with shipping, the unit came to $72.71US.

    I can see where the plastic base could be sturdier and the draining tube takes a little bit of practice to get it to work properly but for anything but the heaviest items, this is a very practical and efficient laundry solution for a single person or small family.

  18. Do you know where I can buy this in Toronto?

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