Happy Belated Birthday!

It’s been over a year since I started this blog on January 3rd 2007. It’s been exactly a year since we started the “hard-core no garbage, no matter what” stint.

I thought it would be a good time to write a year in review.

December 2006/January 2007

Starting Over

Kyle and I were discussing our garbage production once again. We had taken almost a year break from trying to make zero garbage for 31 days consecutively, and it was time to try again. We decided we would each have our own rules, in order to keep harmony in our relationship. We were armed with our previous mistakes, new knowledge and a whole lot of time off work(that’s the key really).

Press Parade

I responded to a call for environmental artists and ended up going on a tree tour put on by LEAF. It was there that I met journalist Dale Duncan, of Spacing magazine (among other things). I had gone on the walk with just my small purse, no back pack with garbage free supplies. It was so cold out that the whole tour ended up stopping at a bakery . Dale was surprised that I didn’t get anything so I explained that I hadn’t brought my cup and I couldn’t/wouldn’t use styrofoam. She was intrigued so I told her about this project. She called back in early January asking of she could do an interview with us for the Globe and Mail, and that’s how the press parade began.

February 2007


We took a trip to Montreal to visit good friends, who helped us have a garbage free trip! Oh except for one straw that I got in my juice at the bar. I was so busy practicing my French that I forgot to say “no Straw please”. A friend of a friend made the straw into beautiful earrings.

Stomach flu

We were the furthest along we had ever been in the project, having made it more than 15 days in a row without having to start over, when I started to hurl. Kyle and I are in a band together and we had to cancel 2 gigs because I simply couldn’t stop puking. Everyone was calling to say they had the stomach flu previously and they hoped they didn’t give it to me. A blood test showed that it was definitely Kyle who “gave it to me” and it was a fetus growing in my tummy! That upped the anti a bit. I refused to give up but I loosed the rules a bit- garbage obtained for medical reasons didn’t count. Soda crackers and Power aid however are not medical ingredients, but will stay down in a tumultuous tummy. I refused them until I had completed day 31.

The press parade continued and I spoke at a number of schools as well as doing talk shows, and radio and magazine interviews.


At the end of February, I completed my 31 days!!!! We were actually quite surprised as we were ready to keep trying for 31 consecutive days all year and we made it in just a few months. All the old attempts and research paid off. I was also quite relieved and went immediately to buy Power Aid.

March, April, May 2007

Kyle finished his 31 days shortly after me and bought chips again. We began making about 1 grocery bag of garbage every 3 – 7 weeks. I began working on a No Garbage book (I’m still working on it-its slow going). We continued to do some magazine interviews, and started the parenting magazine circuit:).


Graham, a young documentary film-maker from New York followed us around. He is very similar to us and we all got along great, so it worked out well- like having a friend along with a camera( a talented, or crazy, friend who can cycle while filming!)He’s doing a film about the positive changes people are making in regards to environmental issues. I can’t wait for it to be finished!

October , November, December 2007


Aurora was born and time stopped (so did sleep). We managed to keep out garbage consumption down to a minimum, but our energy and water consumption went up- so much laundry!


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