Holiday Post Part Three: Food!!!

1. Egg Nog

Avoid the packaged Nog and make your own. For a vegan treat, use bananas instead of eggs. I rarely measure, so I’ll just give a loose recipe.

Put a few eggs, milk or milk replacement, cinnamon and nutmeg in the blender. If you want add whipped cream. Be sure to get harmony organic cream and milk so you can bring the bottle back. You could also add rum or whiskey, but make sure to take the bottles back for deposit.

2. Goodies

Most baking ingredients can be found at bulk food stores. The only problem I’ve encountered is with butter. You can buy a butter alternative in a recyclable container, or make your tin wrapping into a lovely Christmas ornament, or find a farmer to buy butter from.

If you want vegan recipes, check this site out. For general holiday recipes, I love razzle dazzle.

3. The big feast
If you are a meat eater, getting your goods from a butcher often eliminates the garbage factor.
As a vegetarian, these are some of my fancy favorites:
Peanut butter Tofu, savory bread pudding,nut roast, stuffed squash with chestnuts.


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