Green Xmas Part Two: Decorations

Sorry this is quite late. We were really busy and then I got sick. Here’s a picture of what we do instead of a Christmas tree. When Kyle worked as a pastry chef, he brought a lot of stuff home so it wouldn’t go in the garbage and one thing we ended up with was a surplus of strawberry containers-they didn’t even recycle them where he worked so he brought them home. We decided to make a Christmas tree out of them. We figured it was a better option than a fake tree because we are not producing more plastic, just using what already exists. Here it is.

We’ve decorated it with holly from his new job, home made decorations, second hand finds and stuff people gave us. Unfortunately I think there is also some stuff from the dollar store from a few years ago.
Another options is edible decorations- fruit loops (from Bulk Barn) or popcorn on a string, cookies etc. That’s what they did in the olden days.
If you don’t like plastic, you could get  a live tree, but you have to be careful to keep it alive. You can’t just plant it outside in the cold after it’s been in the warm, cozy house because it will die. You can talk to an arborist if you are interested. The folks at LEAF are friendly and knowledgeable.
We celebrate solstice each year and usually we make lanterns. This year due to lack of time we made really simple paper lanterns, using magazines. Here they are:


Happy Holidays! I’ll try to get the food segment done by tomorrow:)


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  1. I know you go to the farmers market – you should ask the farmers who sell berries if they’ll re-use the strawberry containers you have. I’m not sure if they will, but it’s worth a shot. (I took my containers back to the east york market all summer.) Love the “tree”, though!

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