For Maria…useful baby stuff

Maria asked me to do a post on baby gear I found most useful. Keep in mind, I’m posting from an environmentalist perspective as well as a parent who is practicing Natural Infant Hygene.

1. A sling or carrier of some sort.

If you want a sling, my sister makes beautiful ones.

2.People to bring food for the first few months.

Make a chart at the shower-people were more willing to do this than to clean.

3. A housekeeper

Instead of getting us a housekeeper, my sister gave everyone at my shower a job to do when they came to visit. The only problem is that no one did it! I would collect money at the shower and buy your friends a green housekeeper, even if she/he just comes a few times. Another option would be a doula.

4. Washcloths-lots.

5. Wipe Solution

5. Receiving blankets

6. Hot tots, Bamboozle diapers
These are quite expensive but the are awesome for night time or going out, because they are very absorbant and don’t leak. For the day tome we put her in thin cloth diapers without a cover, so it’s easy to get her out of them ond on to the potty to pee.

7. A swing or bouncy chair to give the mom some time to eat or shower. Try second hand places or craigs list.

8. Baby Bjorn little potty

9. Clothes that are easy to get in and out of-the things that snap all the way are great.

10. Thick baby quilts (we got a few beautiful hand made ones) to lay on the floor and play on.

11. Hooded Towels

12. A few pre-fold diapers.
13. Baby leg warmers.These are also quite easy to make by using old socks or sweater sleeves and adding a draw string at the top.
14. Ann Douglas baby books, particularly The mother of all… series.
15. Clothes appropriate for the season.



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3 responses to “For Maria…useful baby stuff

  1. I have never seen a supplies list from a natural infant Hygien perspective. What a great idea!

    I would add just one thing. A washable waterproof pad. This a 36 inch square cotton pad with a waterproof vynyl backing. I used it throughout our ECing trials and tribulations. I used it most often when there was an unexpected wet spot on the bed in the middle of the night. Since we are all in the same bed, changing change the sheets would wake everyone. So,I just laid this pad on the wet spot. And placed the baby back down. The baby had soft cotton next to his skin, and the waterproof barrier kept the moisture at bay til morning.

    Of course, a waterproof mattress pad is a must also. We turned our cushion-topped waterproof mattres cover over so that the waterproof surface was facing up. Much easier to wipe it down after an accident then to strip it off the bed and wash the whole pad.

    Anyway, the waterproof fabric pads are available here,

  2. Thanks Kathy
    I was just going to add whisper wraps to the list, but I forgot about bed pads. We have a kushies crib pad that we just put under our sheets and then a change pad on top of the sheet where she sleeps. She also sleeps in a diaper- though last night she didn’t go in it at all. I was kind of worried about it actually, but then we consulted books and it seems that it’s a good thing.

  3. thanks, sarah! i think even parents who don’t consider themselves environmentalists (or actively practice natural infant hygiene) would find most of these things useful.

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