This site has been listed in a top ten list!!!! thanks!



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  1. Dear Sarah and Kyle – many congratulations on the arrival of Aurora and of your project.
    I hope you remember us – the family with Maddy and Carrie who have visited several times at Colborne Lodge for birthdays, summer camps and just dropping by – you might remember that I am also the Director of York’s Inst. for Research and Innovation in Sustainability – and now that Aurora is here, we’d like you to give one of our two spring lectures at York in our Practical Sustainability series – you might remember that I talked about you coming up to York in the spring, when you were still pregnant. Take care and we will be in touch, all the best, dawn bazely (Pete, Maddy and Carrie)

  2. That’s fantastic Sarah. Although you’ve been in my top 3 list of siblings for 30 years 😉 .

  3. Mom

    Absolutely awesome…(That’s my girl!.)

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